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Routledge handbook of Mediterranean politics
Éditeur Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2018
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Routledge handbook of Mediterranean politics
1 vol. (xv -416 pages) : illustrations, cartes ; 26 cm
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Handbook of Mediterranean politics
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909.098 22083
Introduction : the growing international relevance of Mediterranean politics / Richard Gillespie and Frederick Volpi ; The historical construction of the Mediterranean / Dominic Fenech and Michelle Pace ; Historical/geopolitical turning points in the modern Mediterranean : cold war, post cold-war and Arab Spring / Francesco Cavatorta ; Regionalism and the Mediterranean : long history, odd partners / Federica Bicchi ; Securing the Mediterranean, inventing the "Middle East" / Pinar Bilgin ; From imperialism to failed liberal peace : how Europe contributed to MENA's failing states system and how MENA blowback threatens Europe / Raymond Hinnebusch ; A new era in Euro-Mediterranean relations / Richard Youngs ; EU member states' representation and positioning and the north-south divide in Euro-Mediterranean affairs / Tobias Schumacher ; The north-south divide : southern perceptions of the Mediterranean / Yahia Zoubir ; US outlook on the Mediterranean / Katerina Dalacoura ; Israeli regional perspectives and the Mediterranean / Daniela Huber ; Turkish regional perspectives and the Mediterranean / Bill Park ; The Mediterranean observes the world, the world observes the Mediterranean : conflict and peace in the Mediterranean / Stephan Stetter ; Military and politics in the Mediterranean / Aurel Croissant and Tanja Eschenauer ; Stalled conflicts in the Mediterranean / Neophytos Loizides ; Insurgencies, terrorism, and political violence in the Mediterranean region / Krista E. Wiegand ; Do regional organizations contribute to security? : perspectives on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation / Niklas Bremberg ; Regime resilience and the Arab uprisings in the Southern Mediterranean : four emerging approaches for explaining authoritarian persistence / Matt Buehler and Amnah Ibraheem ; Beyond state and market : developmental strategies in the Arab world / Amr Adly ; The political economy of energy in the Mediterranean / Gonzalo Escribano ; Globalization and the Mediterranean / Patrick Holden ; Minding development gaps in EU Mediterranean policies : a variegated neo-liberalization thesis? / Karim Knio ; Climate change, environmental degradation and renewable energy / Michael Mason ; Politics and tourism in the Mediterranean region / Raoul Bianchi and Tom Selwyn ; Debates on civil society in the Mediterranean / Benoit Challand ; Transnational advocacy networks and human rights activism / Laura Feliu ; Islamist movements in the Mediterranean : modernist Islam, Islamism, and Salafism / Roel Meijer ; Women's movements within Euro-Mediterranean politics : necessity of going beyond "the Arab woman" / Ali Bilgic ; Youth activism and protest around the Mediterranean / Emma C. Murphy ; New media, activism, and the transformative Arab political landscape / Sahar Khamis ; Digital communications and social networks : co-evolution of digital activism and repression during the Arab uprisings / Ben Wagner ; Mediterranean migrants and refugees : historical and political continuities and discontinuities / Sarah Wolff and Leila Hadj-Abdou ; Intercultural dialogue across the Mediterranean troubled waters : challenges to the Anna Lindh Foundation / Stefania Panebianco
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