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Experiments in public management research : challenges and contributions
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année copyright 2017
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Experiments in public management research : challenges and contributions
1 volume (XVIII-530 pages) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction : experiments in public management research / Oliver James, Sebastian Jilke and Gregg Van Ryzin ; A systematic review of experimental studies in public management journals / Huafang Li and Gregg and Van Ryzin ; Experiments and the classical roots of public administration : comments on the potential utility of experiments for contemporary public management / Kenneth Meier and Kendall Funk ; Causal inference and the design and analysis of experiments / Oliver James, Sebastian Jilke and gregg Van Ryzin ; Field experiments in public management / Oliver James, Peter John and Alice Moseley ; Survey experiments for public management research / Sebastian Jilke and Gregg Van Ryzin ; Laboratory experiments : their potential for public management research / Markus Tepe and Christine Prokop ; Work motivation / Nicola Belle and Paola Cantarelli ; Experimenting with leadership in public organisations / Lotte Andersen, Louise Bro, Anne Bollingtoft and Jacob Ladenburg ; Prospects for experimental approaches to research on bureaucratic red tape / Sanjay Pandey, Sheela Pandey and Gregg Van Ryzin ; Managerial use of performance data by bureaucrats and politicians / Donald Moynihan, Poul Nielsen and Alexander Kroll ; Citizens and public performance measures : making sense of performance ; Information / Oliver James and Asmus Olsen ; Public sector transparency / Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen, Ulrike Weske, Robin Bouwman and Lars Tummers ; Representative bureaucracy : an experimental approach / Gregg Van Ryzin and ; Norma riccucci ; Coproduction of public services / Simon Andersen, Morten Jakobsen, Soren Serritzlew, and Mette Thomsen ; Expectations and satisfaction with public services / Jue Young Mok, Oliver James ; And gregg van ryzin ; Citizen and users' responses to public service failure : experimentation about ; Blame, exit and voice / James and Sebastian Jilke ; Assessing public support for government policy : comparing experimental and ; Attitudinal approaches / Scott Robinson, James Stoutenborough and Arnold Vedlitz ; Legislative oversight of the bureaucracy : insights from formal modeling and ; Experimental testing / Susumu Shikano, Michael Stoffel and Markus Tepe ; Experimental research for nonprofit management : charitable giving and fundraising / Mirae Kim, Dyana Mason and Huafang Li ; Replication of experimental research : implications for the study of public ; Management / Richard Walker, M. Jin Lee and Oliver James ; The experimental turn in public management : how methodological preferences ; Drive substantive choices / Steven Van de Walle ; Changing how government works : the transformative potential of an ; Experimental public management / Peter John ; Conclusions : towards an experimental public management? / Oliver James ; Sebastian jilke and gregg van ryzin
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