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Homintern : how gay culture liberated the modern world
Éditeur Yale University Press
Année 2017
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Homintern : how gay culture liberated the modern world
1 vol. (xiii-425 p.-[16] p. de pl.) : ill., port., couv. ill. ; 20 cm
Bibliogr. p. [384]-405. Index
Classification Dewey
The homintern conspiracy. Beginning to count themselves ; Natural secret agents and natural traitors ; The Girls' Friendly Society ; Positions of influence ; All queers meet each other ; Scandal and after. The Wilde case (1895) ; The Eulenberg case (1906-09) ; The Pemberton Billing case (1918) ; Getting away ; Radclyffe Hall and The Well of Loneliness (1928-29) ; Dolly Wilde: the next generation ; Lord Alfred Douglas ; The Northern exotic. Moonlight people ; Lovers of the beautiful ; The Russian Ballet ; The Swedish Ballet ; Sergei Eisenstein ; Tamara de Lempicka ; Rudolf Nureyev ; France and its visitors. The Paris scene ; Pedestrians and pederasts: Americans in Paris ; The modern Sapphic Paris ; Indifferent tolerance ; Germany and its visitors. The George Kreis ; The Berlin scene ; Magnus Hirschfeld ; Visitors to Berlin ; Flirting with Fascism ; Frivolity to seriousness. The fashionable vice ; Modernity outdated ; Becoming serious: Evelyn Waugh ; The Nancy poets and their detractors ; Pansipoetical poets ; Berlin propagandized. Sodom on spree ; The homosexuality of Hitler(ism) ; Publications and bookshops ; Sexual tourism ; The Southern exotic. That southwards drift ; Capri and its visitors ; Sicily and its visitors ; The intolerant South ; In every land an oriental colony ; Tangier and its visitors ; The oriental occidentalist: Yukio Mishima ; The New World. Harlem and its visitors ; A new Sodom ; Gay Hollywood ; New York to Havana and back ; Manuel Puig ; The new politics. A lots of privacy ; The "good" homosexual ; The "bad" homosexual ; From the covert to the overt ; Culture and gay culture ; Madness begets madness; Afterword
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