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Actes de colloque
Global insecurity : futures of global chaos and governance
Éditeur Palgrave MacMillan
Année copyright 2017
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Global insecurity : futures of global chaos and governance
1 vol. (XI-379 pages) ; 22 cm
Textes issus de communications présentées lors d'un colloque international, tenu à Canberra, en Australie, mi-2013
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Classification Dewey
Introduction / Burke, Anthony ; Insecurity and governance in an age of transition / Camilleri, Joseph ; Global violence and security from a gendered perspective / True, Jacqui (et al.) ; Post-human security / Cudworth, Erika (et al.) ; Security cosmopolitanism and global governance / Burke, Anthony ; Global ecology, social nature, and governance / Dalby, Simon ; Framing global climate security / Pettenger, Mary E. ; The Women, peace, and security agenda at the United Nations / Shepherd, Laura J. ; Children, conflict, and global governance / Lee-Koo, Katrina ; Global weapons proliferation, disarmament, and arms control / Hanson, Marianne ; Challenges Facing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty / Ogilvie-White, Tanya ; Restraint and governance in cyberspace / Austin, Greg ; Pandemics and dual-use research / Parker, Rita ; Advocating global health security / Davies, Sara E. ; The international governance of forced migration / Taylor, Savitri ; Three generations of international human rights governance /Pedersen, Morten B. ; The UN Security Council and the problem of mass atrocities / Bellamy, Alex J. ; The future of national security and the role of States / Behm, Allan ; The United Nations and global security / Parker, Rita (et al.)
"This innovative volume gathers some of the world’s best scholars to analyse the world’s collective international efforts to address globalised threats through global security governance. Addressing global and planetary forms of insecurity that include nuclear weapons, conventional arms, gender violence, climate change, disease, bio weapons, cyber-conflict, children in conflict, crimes against humanity, and refugees, this timely book critiques how they are addressed by global institutions and regimes, and advocates important conceptual, institutional, and policy reforms. This is an invaluable resource for students, scholars and policymakers in international health, security and development. " (ed.)
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