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Political campaign communication : theory, method, and practice
Éditeur Lexington Books
Année 2017
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Political campaign communication : theory, method, and practice
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Introduction : political campaign communication : theory, method and practice and the emergence of a discipline of study / Robert E. Denton, Jr ; The functional theory of political campaign discourse / William L. Benoit ; "What a snob" : the reconciliation of higher education and neoliberalism in the 2012 Republican presidential primary / Luke Winslow and Carly de Anda ; What is happening there? : Norwegian newspaper coverage of the 2016 U.S. presidential election / Michael Nitz ; Intensity of face threats in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 US presidential debates / William O. Dailey, Shelly S. Hinck, Robert S. Hinck, and Edward A. Hinck ; Too early to be funny? : an analysis of late night comedy during the 2016 U.S. presidential primaries / Michael Nitz, Allison Koehn, and Hayley McCarron ; Presidential debate and conflict bias / Joan L. Conners ; Main stream press framing of the RNC and DNC 2016 presidential nomination acceptance speeches : terministic screens and the discovery of the worldview of the press / Jim A. Kuypers ; Making a case for textual criticism : Hillary studies and the state of political campaign scholarship / Melody Lehn ; Barack Obama's response to the "angry black man" race card : a critical analysis of "a more perfect union" / Ronald E. Lee and Aysel Morin ; Kenney and identification in Houston / J. David Trebing ; Political election TV spots / William L. Benoit ; Campaign politics of sight and sound : populist rhetoric in a media maelstrom / John S. Nelson and Anna Lorien Nelson ; The refutational power of ad personam and tu quoque attacks in advancing Trump's "change" counter-narrative during the 2016 general election presidential debates / Kathryn M. Olson ; Acting "presidential" : the modern campaign meets the ubiquitous presidency / Joshua M. Scacco and Kevin M. Coe ; Orchestrating "the show" : the 2016 political party conventions in historical context / Theodore F. Sheckels ; National conventions : evolving functions and forms / Tammy R. Vigil ; Tweeting our differences : comparing candidate communication in mixed-gender and same-gender elections / Lindsey M. Meeks
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