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Framing the subjects and objects of contemporary EU law
Éditeur Edward Elgar Publishing
Année copyright 2017
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Framing the subjects and objects of contemporary EU law
1 vol. (xiii-334 p.) : couverture illustrée ; 24 cm
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Framing the subjects and objects of contemporary European Union law
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341.242 2
This timely book invites the reader to explore the lexicon of 'subjects' and 'objects' of EU law as a platform from which several dilemmas and omissions of EU law can be researched. It includes a number of case studies from different fields of law that deploy this lexicon, structuring the contributions around three principal elements of EU law: its transformations, crises and external-internal dynamics. The carefully structured case studies cover a wide range of areas in EU law, such as constitutional law, administrative law, external relations, trade and citizenship and present perspectives from a variety of EU Member States. The expert contributors explore how to discuss, analyze and frame core elements of a supranational legal order. This broad-ranging and collaborative research effort presents a fresh, critical perspective on contemporary EU law. The book offers a reflection on recent crises of the EU, such as Brexit, looking beyond the field of law to present solutions that apply theories of political economy, social theory and political theory. This thought-provoking narrative of EU law will be of interest to scholars in this field as well as to those in public international law, international relations, sociology, governance and political science. --
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