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A companion to Eastern European cinemas
Éditeur Wiley-Blackwell
Année 2012
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A companion to Eastern European cinemas
1 vol. (xvii, 525 p.) : ill. ; 26 cm
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Classification Dewey
1. Introduction: Eastern European cinema from no end to the end (as we know it) / Anikó Imre ; Part I : New theoretical and critical frameworks ; 2. Body horror and post-socialist cinema: Gyorgy Polfis Taxidermia / Steven Shaviro ; 3. El perro negro: transnational readings of database documentaries from Spain / Marsha Kinder ; 4. Did somebody say Communism in the classroom? or, the value of analyzing totality in recent Serbian cinema / Zoran Samardzija ; 5. Laughing into an abyss: cinema and Balkanization / Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli ; 6. Jewish identities and generational perspectives / Catherine Portuges ; 7. Aftereffects of 1989: Corneliu Porumboiu's 12:08 East of Bucharest (2006) and Romanian cinema / Alice Bardan ; 8. Cinema beyond borders: Slovenian cinema in a world context / Meta Mazaj and Shekhar Deshpande ; Part II : Historical and spatial redefinitions ; 9. Center and periphery, or how Karel Vachek formed a new government / Alice Lovejoy ; 10. The Polish black series documentary and the British Free Cinema movement / Bjorn Sorenssen ; 11. Socialists in outer space: East German film's Venusian adventure / Stefan Soldovieri ; 12. Red Shift: new Albanian cinema and its dialogue with the old / Bruce Williams ; 13. National space, (trans)national cinema: Estonian film in the 1960s / Eva Näripea ; 14. For the peace, for a new man, for a better world! Italian leftist culture and Czechoslovak cinema, 1945-1968 / Francesco Pitassio ; Part III : Aesthetic (re)visions ; 15. The impossible Polish new wave and its accursed Émigré auteurs: Borowczyk, Polanski, Skolimowski and Zulawski / Michael Goddard ; 16. Documentary and industrial decline in Hungary: the "zd Series" of Tamás Almási / John Cunningham ; 17. Investigating the past, envisioning the future: an exploration of post-1991 Latvian documentary / Maruta Z. Vitols ; 18. East European historical epics: genre cinema and the visualization of a heroic national past / Nikolina Dobreva ; 19. Nation, gender and history in Latvian genre cinema / Irina Novikova ; 20. A comparative study: Rein Raamat's Big tõll and Priit Pärn's Luncheon on the grass / Andreas Trossek ; 21. The Yugoslav black wave: the history and poetics of polemical cinema in the 60s and 70s in Yugoslavia / Greg DeCuir, Jr. ; Part IV : Industries and institutions ; 22. Follow the money: financing contemporary cinema in Romania / Ioana Uricaru ; 23. An alternative model of film production: film units in Poland after WWII / Dorota Ostrowska ; 24. The Hussite heritage film: a dream for all Czech seasons / Petra Hanukovu ; 25. International coproductions as productions of heterotopias / Ewa Mazierska ; 26. East is East? new Turkish cinema and Eastern Europe / Melis Behlil
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