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States and peoples in conflict : transformations of conflict studies
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States and peoples in conflict : transformations of conflict studies
1 vol (xiii-301 pages) ; 23 cm
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States and peoples in conflict: pillars, forms, and transformations in conflict studies / Mark I. Lichbach, Peter Nils Grabosky, and Michael Stohl ; Grievance: the nexus between grievances and conflict / Victor Asal and Kathleen Deloughery ; Liberalism: the role of modern liberalism / Mark I. Lichbach ; Religion: influences on domestic and international relations / Jonathan Fox ; Political authority: assessing the state of the "state" in recent cross-national empirical research / Keith Jaggers ; Dynamics and processes: linkages between internal and external conflict / Harvey Starr and Marc V. Simon ; Climate change and armed conflict: reviewing the evidence / Ole Magnus Theisen, Nils Petter Gleditsch, and Halvard Buhaug ; Comparative and historical studies of crime: trends, patterns, context / Peter Nils Grabosky ; Terrorism: situations, structure, and dispositions as an analytical framework for studying terrorism / Scott Englund and Michael Stohl ; Revolutions: robust findings, persistent problems, and promising frontiers / Colin J. Beck ; State failure: the problem of complex societal-systems / Monty G. Marshall and Benjamin R. Cole ; Genocide and political mass murder: definitions, theories, analyses / Barbara Harff ; Transnational conflict: normative struggles and globalization: the case of indigenous peoples in Bolivia and Ecuador / Pamela Martin and Franke Wilmer ; Wars, civil wars, and armed conflict: patterns, trends, and analytic paradigms / Peter Wallensteen ; The future of conflict studies / Ted Robert Gurr
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