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The UK after Brexit : legal and policy challenges
Éditeur Intersentia
Année copyright 2017
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The UK after Brexit : legal and policy challenges
1 vol. (XI-324 p.) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Part I. Constitutional issues ; Chapter 1. Brexit: the relationship between the UK parliament and the UK goverment ; Chapter 2. Devolution ; Chapter 3. The 'Brexit' threat to the Northern Irish border: clarifying the constitutional framework ; Chapter 4. Brexit and UK courts: awaiting fresh instruction ; Part II. Substantive policies ; Chapter 5. Brexit and employment law ; Chapter 6. UK environmental law post-Brexit ; Chapter 7. Extracting the UK from EU financial services governance: regulotary recasting or shadowing from a distance? ; Chapter 8. Intellectual property law and the Brexit: a retreat or a reaffirmation of jurisdiction? ; Chapter 9. May we stay? assessing the security of residence for EU citizens living in the UK ; Chapter 10. Cross- border criminal cooperation after Brexit ; Part III. External relations ; Chapter 11. Membership of the World Trade Organization ; Chapter 12. UK trade policy ; Chapter 13. UK foreign investment protection policy post-Brexit ; Chapter 14. Brexit and international peace and security: a crisis for crisis management? ; Chapter 15. Brexit and relations between the EU and the UK
La 4e de couverture indique : "The UK after Brexit is the result of a cooperation between a group of leading academics from top institutions in the UK and beyond. It offers students, practitioners and scholars an authoritative, informative and thought-provoking series of analyses of some of the key challenges facing the UK legal system in and through the process of ‘de-Europeanisation’ – that is, in and through ‘Brexit’. It provides discursive exploration of key issues and themes for reflection and debate within multiple areas of law, broadly divided into three main areas of interest : constitutional concerns such as the relationship between Parliament and the Executive, the relevance of devolution, and the impact on the courts ; substantive topics including employment law, environmental law, financial services, intellectual property, and criminal cooperation ; and issues regarding the UK’s external relations, for example its relations with the EU, membership of the World Trade Organization, ingredients for creating UK trade policy and bilateral investment policy, and international security (the UN, NATO and more). The structure of this work is specifically designed to offer the clearest presentation of these analyses and constitute a critical, comprehensive resource on the effects of de-Europeanisation on the UK legal system. These analyses will remain relevant over time – not only as the withdrawal process unfolds, but well into the future as the UK reorientates its legal system to new internal and external realities."
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