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American spies : modern surveillance, why you should care, and what to do about it
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année copyright 2017
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American spies : modern surveillance, why you should care, and what to do about it
1 vol. (XIII-339 pages) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Legal decisions related to surveillance ; Introduction ; Modern surveillance : massive, classified, and indiscriminate ; Word games ; Snowden, surveillance whistleblowers, and democracy ; We kill people based on metadata : A golden age of surveillance ; Public-private partnership for modern surveillance ; Big data, big insights ; The limits of encryption ; The shadow of September 11th ; Modern surveillance and counterterrorism ; Americans caught up In the foreign intelligence net : Domestic dragnets aren't just for terrorists ; Intelligence collection aimed at foreigners captures Americans, too ; Warrantless wiretapping of Americans under Section 702 : Collection when we talk to foreign targets ; Collection when we talk about or near foreign targets ; Fish foreignness determination ; By-catch ; Nothing to hide? : a short history of surveillance abuses : Surveillance history : a story of power and privilege ; Blackmailing King ; Infiltration, internment, tax audits, deportation ; Abuses today ; Fusion centers ; Disadvantage groups ; Political surveillance ; Spying on journalists ; Other governments ; The minimal comfort of minimization : The false promise of minimization ; Malleable secret rules are a lot like no rules at all ; Lack of oversight ; Back door searches ; Do unto others : why Americans should protect foreigners' privacy rights ; US surveillance law before September 11th : The Fourth Amendment ; Federal surveillance power ; Courts and Congress, working together ; Data in the hands of others ; American spies after September 11th : illegality and legalism ; STELLARWIND ; Playing fast and loose with the Patriot Act ; Domestic dragnets ; Secrecy cracks ; Warrantless wiretapping ; FISA Amendments Act ; Modern surveillance and the Fourth Amendment : The phone dragnet ; Warrantless wiretapping under 702 ; The future of modern surveillance and the Fourth Amendment ; The failures of external oversight ; The National InSecurity Agency ; The future of surveillance : Ending secret law and increasing public accountability ; Oversight ; The risks and rewards of surveillance ; Updating our laws to take into account the power of metadata ; The interests of foreigners ; FISA Amendments Act reform ; Purpose of collection ; Upstream and abouts ; Minimization and back door searches ; EO 12333 reform ; Transparency.
"US intelligence agencies - the eponymous American spies - are exceedingly aggressive, pushing and sometimes bursting through the technological, legal and political boundaries of lawful surveillance. Written for a general audience by a surveillance law expert, this book educates readers about how the reality of modern surveillance differs from popular understanding. Weaving the history of American surveillance - from J. Edgar Hoover through the tragedy of September 11th to the fusion centers and mosque infiltrators of today - the book shows that mass surveillance and democracy are fundamentally incompatible. Granick shows how surveillance law has fallen behind while surveillance technology has given American spies vast new powers. She skillfully guides the reader through proposals for reining in massive surveillance with the ultimate goal of surveillance reform." (ed.)
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