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Assessing the war on terror : Western and Middle Eastern perspectives
Éditeur Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2017
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Assessing the war on terror : Western and Middle Eastern perspectives
1 vol. (xiv-288 pages) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Framing and assessing the War on Terror / Mark Thomas ; The evil scourge of terrorism / Noam Chomsky ; The complex relationship between peacebuilding and terrorism approaches: towards post-terrorism and a post-liberal peace? / Oliver P. Richmond and Joannis Tellidis ; Trauma and the city: the psychology of America's terrorism trauma / Sarton Weinraub ; Hearing from the victims of terror-inflicted regions / Mark Tomass ; The Syrian tragedy: the role of the West, a government insider's account / Bouthaina Shaaban ; Iraq: a victim of terror and the War on Terror / Anwar Said Al-Haidari ; The ideological origins of ISIS: fighting terror with common sense / Mark Tomass ; Winning the hearts and minds of the Pukhtuns of Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan with altruism, public health and development, not by terrorism and counterterrorism / Sher Mohammed Khan ; Calculating the costs of the War on Terror / Mark Tomass ; The global war on terrorism: how ethical and effective? / Charles P. Webel and John A. Arnaldi ; Led astray: legal and moral blowback from the global War on Terror / William A. Cohn ; Terror from above and within: the hidden cultural and political costs of lethal drones / Laurie Calhoun ; Analyzing, negotiating with, and ending terror groups / Mark Tomass ; A dialogue on why Western youth are attracted to ISIS / Scott Atran and Mark Tomass ; Negotiating with the Taliban: not war on terrorism, but dialogue for solutions / Johan Galtung ; A tale of two CTs: a ground-level counterinsurgency perspective on Belgian counter-terrorism measures / Casey Douglas Carr ; The 'war on terrorism': what does it mean to win? / Audrey Kurth Cronin ; Conclusion / Charles Webel
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