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Think tanks, foreign policy and geo-politics : pathways to influence
Éditeur Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2016
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Think tanks, foreign policy and geo-politics : pathways to influence
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Think tanks, foreign policy and geo-politics pathways to influence cop. 2017
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1. Struggling to be heard : the crowded and complex world of foreign policy-oriented think tanks / Donald E. Abelson and Stephen Brooks ; 2. Feulner's pendulum : moving between policy research and political advocacy / Donald E. Abelson ; 3. Blending advocacy and research : the attributes and brand identities of the foremost human rights advocacy think tanks / Stephen Brooks and Pinar Cil ; 4. The governance turn in EU foreign policy : are EU think tanks out of the picture? / Marybel Perez ; 5. Think tanks American style / Donald E. Abelson ; 6. Germany : the think and the tank / Josef Braml ; 7. Think tanks and foreign policy in the United Kingdom / Mark Garnett and Simon Mabon ; 8. Chinese think tanks' influence on foreign policy making : a case study of the role of CIIS and SIIS in the making of China's Europe policy / Xin Hua ; 9. Still lagging behind? : foreign policy think tanks in Poland : origins and contemporary challenges / Monika Sus ; 10. Foreign policies in Spain : the role of think tanks in the battle between the central state and Catalonia / Olivier Urrutia ; 11. And the winner is : why measuring think tank performance is inherently problematic : lessons from canada and beyond / Donald E. Abelson
Présentation de l'éditeur : "Questions about the role and influence of think tanks in matters of foreign policy and geopolitics are both timely and important. The reconfiguration of global power, explosion of social media, shifts away from traditional print and oral-based ways of imparting knowledge, and the dramatic increase in the volume of information and ideas clamoring for the attention of policy-makers are changing the landscape of foreign policy-making and the pathways through which influence is achieved. This book explains the impact of think tanks on the framing of domestic and international conversations on matters of foreign policy and geopolitics. An international group of prominent experts examine these issues in specific countries and also across national and regional borders to better understand how governments and actors in civil society are influenced by the activities of think tanks."
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