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Handbook of research on counterfeiting and illicit trade
Éditeur Edward elgar Publishing
Année copyright 2017
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Handbook of research on counterfeiting and illicit trade
1 vol. (XV-496 p.) : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 25 cm
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
1. Introduction: trojan horses, pirate bays and anti-counterfeiting / Peggy E. Chaudhry ; Part I. Alarming trends in illicit trade and key global enforcement issues ; 2. Illicit trade in counterfeit products: an examination of the opportunity-risk connection / Brandon A. Sullivan, Jeremy M. Wilson and Rodney Kinghorn ; 3. Key global enforcement issues on illicit trade in goods / Stefano Betti ; 4. Reaching beyond banks: how to target trade-based money laundering and terrorist financing outside the financial sector / Ross S. Delston and Stephen C. Walls ; Part II. Country initiatives designed to stem illicit trade ; 5. Initiatives to stem illicit trade in the United States / Peggy E. Chaudhry ; 6. Initiatives to stem illicit trade in Mexico / Gloria Maria Dominguez Rodriguez ; 7. Initiatives to stem illicit trade in China’s e-commerce / Davide Follador ; Part III. Impact of illicit trade on select industry sectors ; 8. The challenge of curtailing the escalation of counterfeit pharmaceuticals / Peggy E. Chaudhry ; 9. Counterfeiting luxury goods / Ludovica Cesareo, Alberto Pastore and Patti Williams ; 10. Illicit trade in the tobacco sector / Peggy E. Chaudhry and Alan S. Zimmerman ; Part IV. The growing problem on the internet ; 11. Overview of the magnitude of piracy on the internet / Michael Tanji ; 12. Social media’s impact on intellectual property rights / Dennis Collopy ; 13. Dynamic shifts in music piracy – a review of the music industry and underlying technology innovations / Hasshi Sudler ; 14. Online brand protection / Akino Chikada and Anil Gupta ; 15. The looming shadow of illicit trade on the internet: botnets, malware and malvertising / Peggy E. Chaudhry ; Part V. Managerial and consumer perceptions of the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting tactics ; 16. Analysis of anti-counterfeiting tactics to diffuse consumer demand / Barbara Stöttinger, Elfriede Penz and Ludovica Cesareo ; 17. Effectiveness against counterfeiting—four decades of strategic inquiry / Deli Yang and Mahmut (Maho) Sonmez ; 18. The critical role of intermediaries in stopping counterfeiting and piracy / William Dobson ; 19. Detecting counterfeits in the supply chain: how to use authentication methods / Ian Lancaster
La 4e de couverture indique : "This unique Handbook provides multiple perspectives on the growth of illicit trade, primarily exploring counterfeits and internet piracy. The expert contributions, drawn from the private sector, the legal community, and leading enforcement and anti-counterfeiting agencies, cover a wide range of topics including the evaluation of key global enforcement issues, government and private-sector initiatives to stifle illicit trade, and the evolution of piracy on the internet. The authors also assess the efficacy of anti-counterfeiting strategies such as targeted consumer campaigns, working with intermediaries in the supply chain, authentication technology, and online brand protection. Offering a succinct and up-to-date overview of country initiatives to stem illicit trade in China, Mexico, and the US, the book addresses key global enforcement issues. It illustrates the unique problems facing key industry sectors and expands on a comprehensive and timely debate on the growing problem of illicit trade on the internet, highlighting distinct aspects of piracy in the music industry. The persistent problem of botnets, malware, and ‘malvertising’ is discussed, along with an overview of the various issues associated with online brand protection. Furthermore, a variety of anti-counterfeiting measures are presented that target both the demand and supply of illicit trade, complemented by an examination of their relative effectiveness. This accessible, provocative, and timely synopsis of counterfeiting and illicit trade will be of great value to academics and researchers of law, criminology, and trade. It will also be an excellent resource for government agencies, policymakers, and private-sector managers in those industries most affected by this growing and pervasive problem."
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