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Architects of the Euro : intellectuals in the making of European monetary union
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2016
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Architects of the Euro : intellectuals in the making of European monetary union
1 vol. (XIX-307 p.) ; 25 cm
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Architects of the Euro intellectuals in the making of European monetary union 2016
Bibliogr. p. [271]-292. Index
Classification Dewey
1. Intellectuals as policy makers : biography and the history of European Monetary Union / Kenneth Dyson and Ivo Maes ; 2. Robert Triffin : the arch monetarist in the process of European monetary integration? / Ivo Maes and Eric Bussière ; 3. Robert Marjolin : securing the common market through Economic and Monetary Union / Katja Seidel ; 4. Raymond Barre : modernizing France through European monetary cooperation / David Howarth ; 5. Pierre Werner : a visionary European and consensus builder / Elena Danescu ; 6. Roy Jenkins and the importance of top-level politics / Piers Ludlow ; 7. Hans Tietmeyer, ethical ordo-liberalism, and the architecture of EMU : getting the fundamentals right / Kenneth Dyson ; 8. Karl-Otto Pöhl : the pole position / Harold James ; 9. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa : EMU as the anchor stone for building a federal Europe / Fabio Masini ; 10. Jacques Delors : vision, revisionism, and the design of EMU / Dermot Hodson ; 11. Alexandre Lamfalussy : a Cassandra about financial stability / Ivo Maes ; 12. Contributions, legacies, and lessons / Kenneth Dyson and Ivo Maes
Présentation de l'éditeur : "Who were key figures in the making of European monetary union? Which ideas did they contribute to ensuring that monetary union would be sustainable? How prescient were they in identifying the necessary and sufficient foundations of a sustainable monetary union? This book provides the first systematic historical examination of key architects of European monetary union in the period before its launch in 1999. Using original archival and interview research, it investigates the intellectual and career backgrounds of these architects, their networking skills, and their own doubts and reservations about the way in which monetary union was being constructed. In the light of the later Euro Area, Architects of the Euro deals critically with not just their contribution to the making of European monetary union but also their legacy. The book brings together a distinguished group of scholars working on the history of Economic and Monetary Union."
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