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International politics and institutions in time
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2017
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International politics and institutions in time
1 vol. (xiv-346 pages) ; 24 cm
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Institutions and time in international relations / Orfeo Fioretos ; The persistence of state sovereignty / Stephen D. Krasner ; The rise, character, and evolution of international order / G. John Ikenberry ; Sequencing, layering, and feedbacks in global regulation / Abraham L. Newman ; Reactive sequences in global health governance / Tine Hanrieder and Michael Zürn ; Dynamics of institutional choice / Joseph Jupille, Walter Mattli, and Duncan Snidal ; Global institutions without a global state / Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore ; International security : critical junctures, developmental pathways, and institutional change / Etel Solingen and Wilfred Wan ; The limits of institutional reform in the United States and the global trade regime / Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty ; Incremental origins of Bretton Woods / Eric Helleiner ; Timing and sequencing in international politics : Latin America's contributions to human rights / Kathryn Sikkink ; The evolution of international law and courts / Karen J. Alter ; Bounded reform in global economic governance at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank / Catherine Weaver and Manuela Moschella ; Continuity and change in global environmental politics / Steven Bernstein and Hamish van der Ven ; Observations on the promise and pitfalls of historical institutionalism in international relations / Robert O. Keohane
"International Politics and Institutions in Time features pioneering international relations (IR) scholars exploring the contributions that historical institutionalism offers their field. They set the agenda for explorations of a tradition whose promise looms large for understanding how states in the twenty-first century manage an international system that was partly designed for a different era. Orfeo Fioretos situates the origins and evolution of historical institutionalism within IR. Stephen D. Krasner discusses the evolution of institutions associated with state sovereignty, and Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore examine how international institutions mitigate the absence of a global state. G. John Ikenberry analyzes how institutions shape the rise and fall of global orders, while Joseph Jupille, Walter Mattli, and Duncan Snidal discuss how states choose among established institutional alternatives. Abraham Newman explores mechanisms that reproduce and at times undermine institutions of global regulatory cooperation, and Tine Hanrieder and Michael Zürn look at mechanisms shaping global health governance. Kathryn Sikkink revisits understandings of the origins of the global human rights regime; Eric Helleiner the foundations of the Bretton Woods system; and Karen J. Alter the proliferation of international courts. Etel Solingen and Wilfred Wan demonstrate the effects of path-dependence in shaping international security strategies and cooperation; Manuela Moschella and Catherine Weaver the effects for global economic cooperation; Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty for the international trade regime; and Steven Bernstein and Hamish van der Ven for international environmental cooperation. Robert O. Keohane concludes the volume with a vigorous assessment of historical institutional research in IR." (4ème de couv.)
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