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Because we say so
Éditeur City Lights Books
Année copyright 2015
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Because we say so
1 vol. (199 pages) ; 21 cm
Classification Dewey
Foreword / by Henry A. Giroux ; Marching Off the Cliff ; Recognizing the "Unpeople" ; Anniversaries from "Unhistory" ; What Are Iran's Intentions ; The Assault on Public Education ; Cartegena: Beyond the Secret Service Scandal ; Somebody Else's Atrocities ; The Great Charter: Its Fate, Our Fate ; In Hiroshima's Shadow ; When Travesty Borders on Tragedy ; Issues that Obama and Romney Avoid ; Gaza, the World's Largest Open-Air Prison ; Gaza Under Assault ; The Gravest Threat to World Peace ; Who Owns the World? ; Can Civilization Survive Capitalism? ; In Palestine, Dignity and Violence ; Boston and Beyond ; Guilty in Guatemala ; Who Owns the Earth? ; Is Edward J. Snowden Aboard this Plane? ; The "Honest Broker" Is Crooked ; The Obama Doctrine ; De-Americanizing the World ; The "Axis of Evil," Revisited ; What Is the Common Good? ; Prerogatives of Power ; Security and State Policy ; The Prospects for Survival ; Red Lines in Ukraine and Elsewhere ; Edward J. Snowden, the Worlds "Most Wanted Criminal" ; The Sledgehammer Worldview ; Nightmare in Gaza ; Coda: The Owl of Minerva
""Chomsky is a global phenomenon. perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet."--New York Times Book Review"Unwavering political contrarian Noam Chomsky smart-bombs the US military's global Interventions. Shock and awe!"--Vanity FairBecause We Say So presents more than thirty concise, forceful commentaries on US politics and global power. Written between 2011 and 2015, Noam Chomsky's arguments forge a persuasive counter-narrative to official accounts of US politics and policies during global crisis. Find here classic Chomsky on the increasing urgency of climate change, the ongoing impact of Edward Snowden's whistleblowing, nuclear politics, cyberwar, terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, and the Middle East, security and state power, as well as deeper reflections on the Obama doctrine, political philosophy, the Magna Carta, and the importance of a commons to democracy. Because We Say So is the third in a series of books by Chomsky published by City Lights Publishers that includes Making the Future (2012) and Interventions (2007), a book banned by US military censors. Taken together, the three books present a complete collection of the articles Chomsky writes regularly for the New York Times Syndicate, and are largely ignored by newspapers in the United States. Because We Say So offers fierce, accessible, timely, gloves-off political writing by America's foremost public intellectual and political dissident. Noam Chomsky is one of the world's most well-known critics of US policy. He has published numerous groundbreaking and best-selling books on global politics, history, and linguistics"--
"Because We Say So presents more than thirty short, forceful commentaries written between 2011 and 2015 covering the most urgent matters in U.S. politics during global crisis. With uncompromising clarity, Chomsky takes on a range of hot-button issues from climate change, nuclear politics, and spying/cyberwar, to the Middle East and the future of democracy. Brilliant, accessible, timely, gloves-off political writing"--
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