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New approaches to drug policies : a time for change
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2015
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New approaches to drug policies : a time for change
1 vol. (xvii-255 pages) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction / Marten W. Brienen and Jonathan D. Rosen ; The drug war's damaging impact on Mexico and its neighbors / Ted Galen Carpenter ; Trends in drug trafficking and organized crime in Brazil / Marcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich ; The war on drugs in Colombia: a history of failure / Jonathan D. Rosen ; Understated yet turbulent : narcotics trafficking and the criminalization of Guinea-Bissau / Bradford R. McGuinn ; Drug trafficking and the street: an anthropological view / J. Byran Page ; Delinquency and drug use in the U.S. / Roger G. Dunham and Ana Maria Lobos ; The gang-drug nexus : violence, rhetoric, and suppression in an FBI Safe Streets Task Force / Susan A. Phillips ; A resounding success or a disastrous failure : re-examining the interpretation of evidence on the Portuguese decriminalization of illicit drugs / Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes and Alex Stevens ; Drug use among American adolescents : an examination of prevention and intervention programs / Keri O'Neal and Steven L. West ; The legalization debate : mapping change and trends in the United States / Hanna Samir Kassab ; A change in the approach to the drug problem in the Americas / Betty Horwitz ; Enough is enough : the need for prison reform in the U.S. / Jonathan D. Rosen and Vanessa Rayan ; The "war on drugs" : a failed paradigm / Fida Mohammad and Gregory Fulkerson
"The war on drugs led by the United States has failed: drugs remain purer, cheaper and more readily available than when the war on drugs began in 1971. The drug war has also resulted in extreme levels of violence as drug traffickers and organized criminals compete for control of territory. Prohibitionist policies have destroyed the lives of millions of people as prisons warehouse drug offenders. This important volume represents an effort to map new approaches to drug policies. The contributors write from various disciplinary backgrounds and provide crucial insights on a wide-range of topics, including the gang-drug nexus, delinquency, legalization, trafficking, decriminalization, intervention programs and prison reform. The volume also provides a number of policy solutions and alternatives to the current drug strategies"--
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