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International Economic Law : Contemporary Issues
Éditeur Springer International Publishing
Année 2017
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International Economic Law : Contemporary Issues
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International Economic Law
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Foreword; Preface; Contents; About the Contributors; Abbreviations; Acronyms; Part I: International Economic Law and Other Concerns; The First Twenty Cases Under GATT Article XX: Tuna or Shrimp Dear?; 1 Introduction; 2 Introducing the General Exceptions; 3 The Objective of a Measure and the Two-Tier Test; 4 Why Measures Have Failed Article XX; 5 Has the Right Balance Been Struck?; 6 Conclusions; Appendix 1; Appendix 2; Falling Foul of Article XX; Article XX(a); US ; Gambling (2005); China ; Audiovisual Services (2009); EC ; Seals (2014); Article XX(b) and (g); US ; Gasoline (1996) ; EC ; Tariff Preferences (2004)Brazil ; Retreaded Tyres (2007); China ; Raw Materials (2011); China ; Rare Earths (2014); The (Only) Two Successful Claims Under Article XX; US ; Shrimp II (2001); EC ; Asbestos (2001); References; Remarks on the Practice of Regional Development Banks ́(RDBs) Accountability Mechanisms and the Safeguard of Human Rights; 1 Introduction; 2 Human Rights and Lending Activities: The Experience of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; 3 RDBs Accountability Mechanisms: An Overview; 3.1 Eligibility; 3.2 Functions ; 3.3 The Social Dimension of RDBs and Accountability Mechanisms ́Practice4 Remarks on theWeaknesses of RDBs Accountability Mechanisms; 5 Conclusions; References; A Waiver for Europe? CETAś Trade in Services, and Investment Protection Provisions and Their Legal-Political Implications on ... ; 1 Introduction; 2 Cross-Border Trade in Services Under CETA; 2.1 Services; Modalities; 2.2 Market Access, National Treatment, and MFN; 2.3 Clarifications; 2.4 Scheduling Approach and Reservations; 2.5 Regulatory Competencies; 3 CETAś FET and Expropriation Provisions; 3.1 FET; 3.2 (Indirect) Expropriation ; 4 ConclusionsReferences; The Human Right to Health: Reflecting on the Implications of IPRs as Endorsed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement; 1 Introduction; 2 The Right to Health as a Human Right; 2.1 A Human Rights Approach to Health Care; 3 TPP and the Maximalist Intellectual Property Agenda: A Primer; 3.1 The TRIPs-Plus Provisions of the TPP That Affect Public Health; 3.2 Public Health and Patent Extremism: Analysing the TPP; 3.2.1 Increased Scope of Patentability; 3.2.2 Patent Term Adjustment; 3.2.3 Data Exclusivity ; 3.2.4 Marketing Authorization and Regulatory Review for Devices and Data Collection3.2.5 Patent-Linkage Provision; 3.2.6 National Pharma Care Program; 3.3 IP Enforcement and Dispute Settlement Under the TPP; 4 Conclusions and Positive Steps for the Future; References; Part II: International Trade Law; Can (and) Should the WTO Tame Private Standards? Antitrust Mechanism as an Alternative Roadmap: Lessons from the WTO Telecommu ... ; 1 Introduction; 2 Private Standards and the WTO; 3 The Nature of WTO Obligations and the Limits of State Responsibility
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