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The grand chessboard : American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives
Éditeur Basic Books
Année copyright 2016
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The grand chessboard : American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives
Updated with a new epilogue
1 vol. (xiv-229 pages) : cartes ; 22 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction: superpower politics ; Part 1: Hegemony of a new type ; The short road to global supremacy ; The first global power ; The American global system ; Part 2. The Eurasian chessboard ; Geopolitics and geostrategy ; Geostrategic players and geopolitical pivots ; Critical choices and potential challenges ; Part 3. The democratic bridgehead ; Grandeur and redemption ; America's central objective ; Europe's historic timetable ; Part 4. The black hole ; Russia's new geopolitical setting ; Geostrategic phantasmagoria ; The dilemma of the one alternative ; Part 5. The Eurasian Balkans ; The ethnic cauldron ; The multiple contest ; Neither dominion nor exclusion ; Part 6. The Far Eastern anchor ; China: not global but regional ; Japan: not regional but international ; America's geostrategic adjustment ; Part 7. Conclusion ; A geostrategy for Eurasia ; A trans-Eurasian security system ; Beyond the last global superpower ; Epilogue ; The changing strategic scene ; Looking beyond
"Brzezinski delivers a vision for American preeminence in the twenty-first century. The task facing the United States, he argues, is to become the sole political arbiter in Eurasian lands and to prevent the emergence of any rival power threatening our material and diplomatic interests. The Eurasian landmass, home to the greatest part of the globe's population, natural resources, and economic activity, is the "grand chessboard" on which America's supremacy will be ratified and challenged in the years to come. In this landmark work of public policy and political science, Brzezinski outlines a groundbreaking and powerful blueprint for America's vital interests in the modern world. In a revised edition with a new epilogue, Brzezinski brings his seminal work up to date with commentary on the latest global developments, including the war in Ukraine, the re-emergence of Russia, and the rise of China." (ed.)
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