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Beyond 1917 : the United States and the global legacies of the Great War
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année copyright 2017
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Beyond 1917 : the United States and the global legacies of the Great War
1 vol. (XIV-336 pages) : illustrations, cartes ; 24 cm
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Beyond 1917.
Bibliogr. p. [283]-312. Index
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Beyond nineteen seventeen
Classification Dewey
Introduction: Legacies / David K. Ekbladh ; Timeline of World War I and its legacies / Benjamin C. Montoya ; Part 1: Historians : writing, legacies, memories. The historiographic impact of the great war / Akira Iriye ; The war as history : writing the economic and social history of the First World War / Katharina Rietzler ; The World War and American memory / John Milton Cooper, Jr. ; Part 2: The United States : a society intervenes. Blinking eyes began to open : legacies from America's road to the great war, 1914-1917 / Michael S. Neiberg ; Ambivalent ally : American military intervention and the legacy of World War I / Michael Adas ; Legacies for citizenship : pinpointing Americans during and after World War I / Christopher Capozzola ; Taming total war : great war-era American humanitarianism and its legacies / Julia Irwin ; To make the world saved : American religion and the Great War / Andrew Preston ; Part 3: America in the world : empire, revolution, and power. The geopolitics of revolution / Lloyd C. Gardner ; From sideshow to center state : legacies of the great war (and peace?) in the Middle East / Matthew Jacobs ; The great war as a global war : imperial conflict and the reconfiguration of world order, 1911-1923 / Robert Gerwarth and Erez Manela ; The great war, Wilsonianism, and challenges to US empire / Emily S. Rosenberg ; War-depression-war : the fatal sequence in a global perspective / Dietmar Rothermund ; World War I, the rise of Hitler, and the legacy of dictatorship / Klaus Schwabe ; International law and World War I : a pivotal turn / Hatsue Shinohara
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