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The oil road : journeys from the Caspian Sea to the city of London
Éditeur Verso
Année 2013
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The oil road : journeys from the Caspian Sea to the city of London
1 vol. (XVI-374 pages) : illustrations, cartes ; 21 cm
Originally published: 2012
Bibliogr. p. [357]-365. Index
Classification Dewey
Prologue: The oil city ; Part I. The wells. It has to be the Caspian ; You can see where the president gets his iron gloves ; They alone can light for us the road to the promised land ; Lots of empty skyscrapers that we can't keep clean --- Part II. The road. The wide stream of oil gushed over the greasy earth ; If the pipeline burns, I'll burn with it ; Schrader's instruction is paper for the toilet ; Do you have any books? ; Without having to amend local laws, we went above or around them by using a treaty ; We closed it down to the media ; We live in a corridor of violence ; It is ash to the eyes ; I will stop you, I'll smash your camera! ; No-one wants this pipeline on their CV. It's an embarrassment ; The trench sides could collapse on top of children ; Don't sleep, save your sea ; Part III. The ship. Military forces sanitise the area ahead of the merchant ships ; Part IV. The road. They have long arms, like the arms of an octopus ; The Caspian! ; Part V. The factory. This is the Auschwitz generation, and there's no arguing with them ; A liquid distilled from a fossilised ecosystem ; Epilogue: The oil city ; Afterword: The new gas roads
"From Caspian drilling rigs and Caucasus mountain villages to Mediterranean fishing communities and European capitals, Marriott and Minio-Paluello take readers on a journey that maps the true cost of oil. Blending travel writing and investigative journalism, 'The Oil Road" captures our modern obsession with fossil fuels, encompassing in its broad sweep the revolutionary futurism of the 1920s Baku, the unblinking capitalism of modern London, and much in between--the artifacts of an industry that has shaped the world and now threatens to destroy it. This paperback edition includes a new afterword detailing the nascent gas roads now treading their way across the globe"--Page 4 of cover
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