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The Oxford handbook of strategy implementation
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2014
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The Oxford handbook of strategy implementation
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The Oxford handbook of strategy implementation 2017
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Handbook of strategy implementation
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The imperative for strategy implementation / Michael A. Hitt, Susan E. Jackson, Salvador Carmona, Leonard Bierman, Christina E. Shalley and Mike Wright ; Resources and governance ; Sourcing external knowledge : clusters, alliances, and acquisitions / Stephen Tallman and Anupama Phene ; A study of the long-term value of capabilities-based resources, intangible strategic assets, and firm performance / Brian R. Chabowski and G. Tomas M. Hult ; Ipos and corporate governance / Igor Filatotchev, Mike Wright and Garry D. Bruton ; Epistemics at work : the theory of mind in principal-agent relations / Stefan Linder, Nicolai Foss and Diago Stea ; Social construction of boundaries in the context of the official and unofficial economies / Katalin Takacs-Haynes and R. Duane Ireland ; Antitrust compliance / D. Daniel Sokol ; Managing human capital ; The aging workforce : implications for human resource management research and practice / Donald M. Truxillo, David M. Cadiz, and Jennifer R. Rineer ; Women at the top : will more women in senior roles impact organizational performance? / Carol T. Kulik and Isabel Metz ; Managing human capital : meta-analysis of links among human resource management practices and systems, human capital and performance / David J. Ketchen Jr., T. Russell Crook, Samuel Y. Todd, James G. Combs, and David J. Woehr ; Exploring the relationship between human resource management and organizational performance in the healthcare sector / Ian Kessler ; Evidence-based management at the bottom of the pyramid : why human resources standards and research must connect more closely / Wayne F. Cascio and John W. Boudreau ; Theory development by induction : goal-setting theory, 1990 to 2013 / Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham ; Accounting-based control systems ; Management control systems and creativity / Antonio Davila and Angelo Ditillo ; Exploring the challenges of broadening accounting reports : insights from research / Brad Potter and Naomi Soderstrom ; Organizational design and control choices / Christian Hofmann and Laurence van Lent ; Estimation of discretionary accruals and the detection of earnings management / Paul Zarowin ; The future of strategy implementation / Michael A. Hitt, Susan E. Jackson, Salvador Carmona, Leonard Bierman, Christina E. Shalley and Mike Wright
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