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The Oxford handbook of European history, 1914-1945
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2014
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The Oxford handbook of European history, 1914-1945
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The Oxford handbook of European history, 1914-1945 cop. 2016
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Introduction : Europe's age of catastrophe in context / Nicholas Doumanis ; Belle époque : Europe before 1914 / Alan Sked ; Societies at war, 1914-1918 / Stefan Goebel ; Total war : family, community, and identity during the First World War / Tammy M. Proctor ; The left and the revolutions / David Priestland ; The economics of total war and reconstruction, 1914-1922 / Matthias Blum and Jari Eloranta ; The new diplomacy and the new Europe, 1916-1922 / Alan Sharp ; Nation states, minorities, and refugees, 1914-1923 / Ryan Gingeras ; Remaking Europe after the First World War / Conan Fischer ; The Great Depression in Europe / Roger Middleton ; 'A low dishonest decade'? War and peace in the 1930s / Anthony Adamthwaite ; Interwar crises and Europe's unfinished empires / Matthew G. Stanard ; Rural society in crisis / Laird Boswell ; Interwar democracy and the League of Nations / Andrea Orzoff ; The political 'left' in the interwar period, 1924-1939 / Pamela Radcliff ; Fascism and the right in interwar Europe : interaction, entanglement, hybridity / Aristotle Kallis ; Social policy, welfare, and social identities, 1900-1950 / Julia Moses ; Discipline, terror, and the state / Paul M. Hagenloh ; The nationalization of the masses / Roger D. Markwick and Nicholas Doumanis ; Political violence and mass society : a European civil war? / Mary Vincent ; European sexualities in the age of total war / Dagmar Herzog ; 'America' and Europe, 1914-1945 / David W. Ellwood ; European integration, human rights, and romantic internationalism / Marco Duranti ; Wartime economies, 1939-1945 : large and small European states at war / Jeremy Land and Jari Eloranta ; Axis imperialism in the Second World War / Shelley Baranowski ; Everyday life in wartime Europe / Christoph Mick ; The Holocaust in European history / Mark Roseman ; Europe's civil wars, 1941-1949 / Aviel Roshwald ; Nation-building and moving people / Alexander V. Prusin ; Europe, the war, and the colonial world / Martin Thomas ; Power relations during the transition from Nazi to post-Nazi rule / Gareth Pritchard ; The memory of Europe's age of catastrophe, 1914-2014 / Ben Mercer
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