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A companion to European Union law and international law
Éditeur Wiley Blackwell
Année 2016
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A companion to European Union law and international law
1 vol. (XIV-616 p.) ; 26 cm
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Classification Dewey
Part .I International law and EU Law ; 1. Sui Generis? The European Union as an international organization / Jan Klabbers ; 2. The nature of international law / Anna Södersten and Dennis Patterson ; 3. The development of European integration and EU constitutional reform / Michael Dougan ; 4. The relationship between EU law and international law / Katja S. Ziegler ; 5. The effect of EU law / Anthony Arnull ; Part II. EU Political institutions and decision making ; 6. EU competences / Paul Craig ; 7. The decision‐making process / Bruno de Witte ; 8. The European Union and executive power / Deirdre Curtin ; 9. New modes of governance / Mark Dawson ; 10. The European Union and democracy / John Erik Fossum ; Part III. The court ; 11. EU procedural law / Andrea Biondi and Ravi Mehta ; 12. The Court of Justice of the European Union as a self‐made statesman / Loïc Azoulai and Zane Rasnača ; 13. The preliminary rulings procedure / Allan Rosas ; Part IV. Economic dimensions of the European Union ; 14. The construction of the internal market / Catherine Barnard ; 15. The free movement of goods / Miguel Poiares Maduro and Pedro Caro de Sousa ; 16. Freedom of establishment / Frank S. Benyon ; 17. Free movement of capital / Sideek M. Seyad ; 18. The European economic constitution and its transformation through the financial crisis / Christian Joerges ; 19. European private law / Hans‐Wolfgang Micklitz ; 20. Consumer protection / Stephen Weatherill ; 21. The economic and monetary union / Roland Bieber ; 22. EU competition law in a global context / Giorgio Monti ; 23. EU state aids law / Piet Jan Slot ; 24. Statecraft, states, and the regulation of commerce / Ari Afilalo ; Part V. The European Union and the external world ; 25. EU external relations and the law / Marise Cremona ; 26. Common foreign, security, and defense policy / Ramses A. Wessel ; 27. EU law and international humanitarian law / Marco Sassòli and Djemila Carron ; 28. Emergence of EU maritime law / Barış Soyer ; Part VI. Human rights, social issues, and the environment ; 29. International human rights law / Martin Scheinin ; 30. The European Union and human rights / Sionaidh Douglas‐Scott ; 31. The European Union and social policy / Silvana Sciarra ; 32. EU citizenship / Elspeth Guild ; 33. The international law of economic migration / Joel P. Trachtman ; 34. EU immigration and asylum law / Steve Peers ; 35. International criminal law / Roger S. Clark ; 36. EU criminal law / Valsamis Mitsilegas ; 37. EU environmental law / Maria Lee
La 4e de couverture indique : "The relationship between European Union (EU) law and international law is complex and challenging. First and foremost, it remains an open question whether the EU can be understood as an international organization or some form of state order. A Companion to European Union Law and International Law will be a critical tool for those seeking to untangle this complexity, presenting an authoritative collection of essays addressing a broad range of important contemporary topics in the field. Featuring contributions from leading international experts in the fields of EU and international law, this indispensable companion reveals both points of contact and critical differences. Seamlessly integrating the fields, these expert essays explore current jurisprudential debates in EU law and international law as they relate to such topics as: trade, the European Court of Justice, human rights, the EMU, the environment, criminal law and many more. Timely and thought-provoking, A Companion to European Union Law and International Law sheds important new light on our current understanding of the complex legal relationship between the EU law and international law—and the very nature and function of legal powers."
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