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The transnational Middle East : people, places, borders
Éditeur Routledge
Année copyright 2017
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The transnational Middle East : people, places, borders
1 vol. (XIII-288 pages) : ill., cartes ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction : Transforming geographies of the Middle East in times of globalisation and uprisings / Leïla Vignal ; Part 1 : People on the move ; Managing transnational labour in the Arab Gulf : external and internal dynamics of migration politics since the 1950s / Hélène Thiollet ; Transnational connections between Egypt and the Gulf : the experiences of migrants in the Emirates after the Arab Spring / Delphine Pagès-El Karoui ; Pharisees, tartuffes and agnostics : migration and religious exchanges between Cairo and the Gulf / Lucile Gruntz ; A life in asylum : Sudanese mobility between Egypt and Israel and the reconfiguration of political structures in the Middle East / Pauline Brücker ; Part 2 : Flows, routes and borders ; Gulf investments in the Middle East : linking places, shaping a region / Armelle Choplin and Leïla Vignal ; Sinbad the sailor revived? : Oman and its Indian Ocean links / Steffen Wippel ; The routes of globalisation between Algeria and Dubai : local impact and regional change / Brahim Benlakhlef and Pierre Bergel ; Circulating by default : Yerevan and Erbil, the backyards of Iranian mobility / Amin Moghadam and Serge Weber ; The wartime emergence of a transnational region between Turkey and Syria (2008-2015) / Benoît Montabone ; Part 3 : Circulations of ideas, models and culture ; Arab cultural foundations and the metamorphoses of pan-Arabism / Franck Mermier ; Youth literature in the Arab Middle East : creation without borders? / Mathilde Chèvre ; Beirut-Dubai : translocal dynamics and the production of alternative urban art districts / Sophie Brones and Amin Moghadam ; Sustainable urban development : a vector of regional integration for the countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean? / Pierre-Arnaud Barthel ; The transnational Middle East : seven snapshots ; The Place : the commercial neighbourhood of Deira in Dubai : a supply site for Algerian traders / Brahim Benlakhlef and Pierre Bergel ; People : Mamali Shafahi, mobile artist and curator / Amin Moghadam ; Activity : a princely dream : kalimat publishing in Sharjah / Mathilde Chèvre ; Place : Salalah : port of the Indian Ocean / Steffen Wippel ; People : Hamma : a Tunisian trader buying stock in Ain Fakroun, Algeria / Brahim Benlakhlef and Pierre Bergel ; Place : Sohar / Steffen Wippel ; Place : the Algerian-Tunisian border : a passage for oil smugglers / Brahim Benlakhlef and Pierre Bergel
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