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Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainability outcomes
Éditeur Routledge
Année cop. 2017
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Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainability outcomes
1 vol. (XXIV-267 pages) : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainability outcomes : introduction / Jane Palmer, Chris Riedy, Dena Fam and Cynthia Mitchell ; Transdisciplinarity and sustainability : patterns of definition / Julie Thompson Klein ; Beginning at the end : the outcome spaces framework to guide purposive transdisciplinary research / Cynthia Mitchell, Dana Cordell and Dena Fam ; Tools for transdisciplinary research / Gabriele Bammer ; Transdisciplinarity as transformation : a cybersystemic thinking in practice perspective / Ray Ison ; Being a transdisciplinary researcher : skills and dispositions fostering competence in transdisciplinary research and practice / Dana Cordell, Dena Fam and Tanzi Smith ; Seeding a new transdisciplinary community of practice / Chris Riedy ; Supervising transdisciplinary doctoral research : adopting transcendent and transgressive supervisory strategies / Catherine Manathunga ; Assessing transdisciplinary doctoral research : quality criteria and implications for the examination process / Juliet Willetts and Cynthia Mitchell ; Transforming cities : securing food and clean waterways through a transdisciplinary phosphorus approach / Dana Cordell, Genevieve Metson and David Iwaniec .. et al. ; Creating knowledge : visual communication design research in transdisciplinary projects / Jennifer Williams, Dena Fam and Abby Mellick Lopes ; Trandisciplinarity in action : four guidelines, a reflexive framework and their application to improving community sanitation governance in Indonesia / Katie Ross and Cynthia Mitchell ; Ethnography as transdisciplinary inquiry : two stories of adaptation and resilience from Aceh, Indonesia / Jane Palmer ; "To be green, clean and beautiful is progressive" : reframing sustainability through transdisciplinary research and practice in northern Viet Nam / Tanzi Smith ; Transdisciplinarity as an emergent property in an agricultural research for development project on the East India plateau / Bill Belotti ; Trouble at the disciplinary divide : a knowledge ecologies analysis of a co-design project with native Alaskan communities / Dena Fam and Zoe Sofoulis ; Future directions: a trans-anthropo-logic of transdisciplinarity / Roderick Lawrence
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