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The new Russia
Éditeur Polity
Année 2016
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The new Russia
1 vol. (XI-464 pages, 16 p. de pl. ) : ill. ; 24 cm
Autre support
Posle Kremlâ
Trad. de : "Posle Kremlâ"
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Classification Dewey
To my readers ; Preface: Perestroika and the future ; Trying to bury me ; I. After Perestroika ; The 1990s : Defending Perestroika ; My last day in the Kremlin ; A new beginning, without presidential immunity ; Shock therapy ; The search for a scapegoat, threats ; The Gorbachev Foundation : its first reports ; December 1991 : politics and morality ; Salvation in work ; Attempts to "destabilize" me ; The "Trial of the CPSU" ; First results of shock therapy ; A year after the coup ; My stance ; The slide towards social catastrophe ; On the brink of crisis ; Fateful decisions, fateful days ; A state of emergency is not the way to stability ; Defects of the new Constitution ; 1994 gets off to a bad start ; Economists advise but the government is not listening ; Nikita Khrushchev : lessons in courage and lessons from mistakes ; The Union could have been saved ; The economy : what now? ; Meetings in the regions ; Chechnya : a war that could have been avoided ; 1995 : 10 years of Perestroika ; The intelligentsia ; Government and society ; The need for an alternative ; Breaking through the conspiracy of silence ; Letters relating to the 1996 presidential election campaign ; Discrediting elections ; The final years of the millennium ; The Gorbachev Foundation's "First Five-Year Plan" ; The elections fail to bring stability ; The storm breaks in 1998 ; How to come out of the crisis? ; Letters of support ; Raisa Gorbacheva ; II. Whither Russia? ; Putin : the beginning ; The new president : hopes, problems, fears ; What is Glasnost? ; The heavy burden of the presidency ; My social-democratic choice ; Russia needs social democracy ; Issues and more issues ; The zero years of the 2000s? ; The Yukos affair ; A party of new bureaucrats ; A second presidential term : what for? ; A new direction, or more of the same? ; Full of contradictions : the first decade of the new millennium ; New elections ; Democracy in distress ; Operation Successor ; Ideas and people ; Saakashvili's adventure and the West : my reaction ; Ordeal by global crisis ; Defending the credo of Perestroika ; Disturbing trends ; My eightieth birthday ; Russian politics in a quandary ; A new Era of Stagnation? ; The presidential "reshuffle" and the Duma elections ; For fair elections! ; Society awakens ; A decision to tighten the screws ; Some letters of support in recent years ; The need for dialogue between the government and society ; III. Today's uneasy world ; The relevance of New Thinking ; Challenges of globalization ; The challenge of security ; Ban the bomb! ; Consequences of NATO expansion ; The world after 9/11 ; Poverty is a political problem ; Responding to the environmental challenge ; The water crisis ; The threat of climate change ; We need a new model of development ; Meetings in America : George Shultz and Ronald Reagan ; Partners should be equal ; The role of the United States in the world ; "America needs its own Perestroika" ; The election of Obama ; The future of Europe ; Germany ; On a solid foundation ; Major figures in European politics ; Looking East : China, Russia and Japan ; A Simmering Region : Egypt and Syria ; Russia and Ukraine ; History Is Not Fated ; Conclusion: Reflections of an optimist
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