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The Persian Gulf in modern times : people, ports, and history
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2014, cop. 2014
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The Persian Gulf in modern times : people, ports, and history
1 vol. (VI-393 p.) : cartes, couv. ill. en coul. ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
Part I. The historiography of the Persian Gulf ; Rethinking the history of port cities in the gulf / Nelida Fuccaro ; Narrative and the historian's craft in the Arabic historiography of the gulf / Fahad Ahmad Bishara ; The historiography of the Persian Gulf: a survey of the 19th and 20th century Persian sources / Gholam Reza Vatandoust ; Narrating the gulf: literary evidence for history / Muhsin al-Musawi ; Part II. Port cities and Littoral society ; The rise and fall of port cities in the Persian Gulf / Lawrence G. Potter ; Muscat as a port city / J.E. Peterson ; Bushehr: southern gateway to iran / Willem Floor ; Inside a gulf port: the dynamics of urban life in pre-oil Kuwait / Farah Al-Nakib ; Part III. Peoples in the gulf ; Indian communities in the Persian Gulf, c. 1500-1947 / James Onley ; The Baluch as an ethnic group in the Persian Gulf region / Carina Jahani ; "Purity and confusion": the Hawala between Persians and Arabs in the contemporary gulf / Ahmed al-Dailami ; The African presence in eastern Arabia / Matthew S. Hopper ; Identity transformations of African communities in Iran / Behnaz A. Mirzai
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