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The other special relationship : race, rights, and riots in Britain and the United States
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2015
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The other special relationship : race, rights, and riots in Britain and the United States
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Introduction / Robin D. G. Kelley and Stephen Tuck ; 1. "U.S. Negroes, Your Fight is Our Fight" : Black Britons and the 1963 March on Washington / Kennetta Hammond Perry ; 2. "Black Was the Colour of our Fight" : The Transnational Roots of British Black Power / Rosie Wild ; Individual Life: A Black Englishman in the Heart of the Confederacy : The Transnational Life of Paul Stephenson / Nick Juravich ; 3. Caribbean Left : Diasporic Circulations / Carole Boyce Davies ; 4. Scholar-Activist St. Clair Drake and the Transatlantic World of Black Radicalism / Kevin Gaines ; Individual Life: "We all became black" : Tony Soares, African-American internationalists, and anti-imperialism / Anne-Marie Angelo ; 5. A Heavy Load : The American Civil Rights Movement and the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement / Marc Mulholland ; 6. Containing Racism? : The London Experience, 1957-1968 / John Davis ; Individual Life: From Manchester to Monroe : The unexpected journey of Constance Lever / Stephen Tuck and Imaobong Umoren ; 7. "Nobody in This World Is Better Than Us" : Calypso in the Age of Decolonization and Civil Rights / Joshua B. Guild ; 8. Stax, Subcultures, and Civil Rights : Young Britain and the Politics of Soul Music in the 1960s / Joe Street ; Individual Life: From Guy Warren to Kofi Ghanaba : A Life of Trans-Atlantic (Dis)Connections / Robin Kelley ; 9. Violence at Desmond's Hip City : Gender and Soul Power in London / Tanisha C. Ford ; 10. Brotherhood, Betrayal, and Rivers of Blood : Southern Segregationists and British Race Relations / Clive Webb
"The close diplomatic, economic, and military ties that comprise the 'special relationship' between the United States and Great Britain have received significant attention from historians over the years. Less frequently noted are the countries' shared experiences of empire, white supremacy, racial inequality, and neoliberalism--and the attendant struggles for civil rights and political reform that have marked their recent history. This exceptional collection traces the contours of this other 'special relationship,' exploring its implications for our understanding of the development of an internationally interconnected civil rights movement. Here, scholars from a range of research fields contribute essays on a wide variety of themes, from solidarity protests to calypso culture to white supremacy"--
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