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The common law of obligations : divergence and unity
Éditeur Hart Publishing
Année 2016, cop. 2016
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The common law of obligations : divergence and unity
1 vol. (xxxvi-331 pages) ; 25 cm
Issu de la 7e "Biennal conference on the law of obligations" tenue à Hong Kong du 15 au 18 juillet 2014
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Unity, divergence and convergence in the common law of obligations / Andrew Robertson and Michael Tilbury ; The influence of comparative law on the English law of obligations / Andrew Burrows ; Unity, then divergence : the Privy Council, the common law of England and the common law of Canada, Australia and New Zealand / Paul Finn ; A conscious effort to develop a "different" common law of obligations : a possible endeavour? / Goh Yihan ; A common law of tort : is there a European rift in the common law family? / Paula Giliker ; A judicial perspective on the development of common law doctrine in the light of statute law / Anthony Mason ; Public actors and private obligations : a judicial perspective / Sian Elias ; The tort liability of public authorities : a comparative analysis / Peter Cane ; We'll meet again : convergence in the private law treatment of public bodies / Niamh Connolly ; How to have a common private law : the presuppositions of legal conversation / Allan Beever ; The philosophies of the common law and their implications : common law divergences, public authority liability and the future of a common law world / Dan Priel ; Obligations, governance and society : bringing the state back in / TT Arvind ; Divergent evolution in the law of torts : jurisdictional isolation, jurisprudential divergence and explanatory theories / James Gouldkamp and John Murphy ; Common law values : the role of party autonomy in private law / Sarah Worthington
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