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The Oxford handbook of banking
Éditeur Oxford university press
Année 2015
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The Oxford handbook of banking
2nd edition
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The Oxford handbook of banking 2015, cop. 2015
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1. Banking in a post-crisis world / Allen N. Berger, Phil Molyneux and John O.S. Wilson ; Part I. The theory of banking ; 2. The roles of banks in financial systems / Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, and Xian Gu ; 3. Commercial banking and shadow banking : the accelerating integration of banks and markets and its implications for regulation / Arnoud Boot and Anjan Thakor ; 4. Complexity and systemic risk : what's changed after the crisis? / Richard Herring and Jacopo Carmassi ; 5. Universal banking / Alan Morrison ; 6. Corporate governance in banking / Jens Hagendorff ; 7. Risk management in banking / Linda Allen and Anthony Saunders ; 8. Liquidity : how banks create it and how it should be regulated / Christa Bouwman ; 9. Diversification in banking / Kevin J. Stiroh ; Part II. Bank performance & operations ; 10. Measuring the performance of banks : theory, practice, evidence, and some policy implications / Joe Hughes and Loretta Mester ; 11. Technological change, financial innovation, and diffusion in banking / W. Scott Frame and Lawrence J. White ; 12. Small business lending by banks : lending technologies and the effects of banking industry consolidation and technological change / Allen N. Berger ; 13. Consumer lending / Tom Durkin and Gregory Elliehausen ; 14. Residential mortgages / Gregory Donadio and Andreas Lehnert ; 15. Securitization / Barbara Casu and Anna Sarkisyan ; 16. Shadow bank monitoring / Adam Ashcraft, Tobias Adrian, and Nicola Cetorelli ; 17. Payments and payment systems / David Humphrey ; Part III. Regulatory and policy perspectives ; 18. Central banking / Michel Aglietta and Benoit Mojon ; 19. The role of banks in the transmission of monetary policy / Joe Peek and Eric Rosengren ; 20. Lender of last resort and bank closure policy : a post-crisis perspective / Xavier Freixas and Bruno Parigi ; 21. Regulation and supervision : an ethical perspective / Edward Kane ; 22. Deposit insurance issues in the post 2008 crisis world / George G. Kaufman and Robert A. Eisenbeis ; 23. Risk-based regulatory capital and the Basel accords / Michael Gordy, Erik Heitfield, and Jason Wu ; 24. Market discipline in financial markets : theory, evidence, and obstacles / Rob Bliss ; 25. Competition in banking / Hans Degryse, Paolo Moralex Acevedo, and Steven Ongena ; 26. Systemically important banks (SIBs) in the post-crisis era : the global response and responses around the globe for 135 countries / James R. Barth, Daniel Nolle, Tong (Cindy) Li, and Christopher Brummer ; Part IV. Macroeconomic perspectives ; 27. Systemic risk in banking : an update / Philipp Hartmann, Olivier De Bandt, and Jose-Luis Peydro-Alcalde ; 28. Banking crises : those hardy perenials / Gerard Caprio and Patrick Honohan ; 29. Bank failures, the great depression, and other contagious events / Charles Calomiris ; 30. Sovereign debt crises / Ricardo Correa and Horacio Sapriza ; 31. Banking globalization : international consolidation and mergers in banking / Claudia Buch and Gayle Delong ; 32. Revisiting the state's role in finance and development / Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Martin Cihak ; 33. Banking and real economic activity / Nicola Cetorelli ; Part V. Banking systems around the world ; 34. Banking in the United States / Robert Deyoung ; 35. Banking in the European Union : deregulation, crisis and renewal / John Goddard, Phil Molyneux, and John O.S. Wilson ; 36. Banking in Japan / Hirofumi Uchida and Gregory Udell ; 37. Banking in Africa / Thorsten Beck and Robert Cull ; 38. Banking in the developing nations of Asia : an overview of recent changes in ownership structure / Leora Klapper, Maria Soledad Martinez-Peria, and Bilal Zia ; 39. Banking in transition countries / John Bonin, Iftekhar Hasan, and Paul Wachtel ; 40. Banking in Latin America / Jonathan Williams, Fernando Carvalho, and Luiz De Paula
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