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The European Union and Japan : a new chapter in civilian power cooperation ?
Éditeur Ashgate
Année cop. 2015
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The European Union and Japan : a new chapter in civilian power cooperation ?
1 vol. (XXII-276 p.) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. [237]-264. Index
Classification Dewey
341.242 /209 52
EU-Japan political relations in a fluid global order / Hartmut Mayer ; Japan as a "proactive civilian power" : domestic constraints and competing priorities / Hidetoshi Nakamura ; The EU in a changing global order : is emergent German hegemony making the EU even more of a civilian power? / Mario Teló ; The EU through the eyes of Japan : perceptions of the European Union as a civilian power / Paul Bacon and Martin Holland ; Three balancing acts : the EU's trade policy towards East Asia / Min Shu ; The political and institutional significance of an EU-Japan trade and partnership agreement / Frederik Ponjaert ; Food fights or a recipe for cooperation? : EU-Japan relations and the development of norms in food safety policy / Gijs Berends ; Environmental and energy policy : learning and cooperation between the European Union and Japan / Miranda A. Schreurs ; Sympathy or self-interest? : the development agendas of the European Union and Japan in the 2000s / Bart Gaens and Henri Vogt ; Saving the Kyoto Protocol : what can we learn from the experience of Japan-EU cooperation? / Hiroshi Ohta and Yves Tiberghien ; EU-Japan relations : civilian power and the domestication/localization of human rights / Paul Bacon ; The EU, Japan and the Balkans : cooperation for post-conflict nation-building / Dimitar Bechev ; Global governance of dual use in biomedical research : cooperation between the EU and Japan on how to minimize or prevent misconduct and misuse / Yasue Fukuda ; Accountability and the governance of food safety policy in the EU and Japan / Koji Fukuda
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