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What women want : an agenda for the women's movement
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2014, cop. 2014
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What women want : an agenda for the women's movement
1 vol. (ix-235 p.) ; 24 cm
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Rhode, the director of the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession, examines the progress women in the United States have made toward gender equality and of the problems that still must be addressed
American women fare worse than men on virtually every major dimension of social status, financial well-being, and physical safety. Sexual violence remains common, and reproductive rights are by no means secure. Women assume disproportionate burdens in the home and pay a heavy price in the workplace. Despite a quarter century's effort at reforming rape law, America's rate of reported rape is the second highest in the developed world. Yet these issues are not political priorities. Nor is there a consensus that there still is a serious problem. Here, Deborah L. Rhode, one of the nation's leading scholars on women and law, brings to the discussion a broad array of interdisciplinary research as well as interviews with heads of leading women's organizations. Is the women's movement stalled? What are its major obstacles? What are its key priorities and what strategies might advance them? In an age where many women are reluctant to identify as feminists, a broad-ranging, expert look at where American women are today is more necessary than ever. This path-breaking book explores how women can and should act on what they want.--From publisher description
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