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Decolonization and the Cold War : negotiating independence
Éditeur Bloomsbury
Année 2015, cop. 2015
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Decolonization and the Cold War : negotiating independence
1 vol. (XVII-305 pages) : cartes ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Foreword / Odd Arne Westad ; Introduction: Decolonization and the Cold War : Negotiating Independence / Leslie James and Elisabeth Leake ; [A] Developing the Nation : economics, modernity, and the "state-project" ; "Fantastic Quantities of Food Grains" : Cold War Visions and Agrarian Fantasies in Independent India / Benjamin Siegel ; "The Life and Death of Our Republic" : Modernization, Agricultural Development and the Peasantry in the Mekong Delta in the Long 1970s / Simon Toner ; Export Processing Zones, Special Economic Zones and the Long March of Capitalist Development Policies during the Cold War / Patrick Neveling ; [B] Intellectual Assertions in the Anti-Colonial Era ; Class Struggle and Self-Determination at Political Affairs : An Intellectual History of Communist Anti-colonialism in the United States, 1945-1960 / John Munro ; "A Unique Little Country" : Lebanese Exceptionalism, Pro-Americanism and the Meanings of Independence in the Writings of Charles Malik, c. 1946-1962 / Andrew Arsan ; [C] Contesting Heritage and Identification ; The Malayan Communist Party and the Malayan Chinese Association : Internationalism and Nationalism in Chinese Overseas Political Participation, c. 1920-1960 / Anna Belogurova ; Negotiating Russian Imperial Aryanism : Soviet Oriental Studies in the Cold War / Hanna Jansen ; Grounding Ideologies : Archaeology, Decolonization and the Cold War in Egypt / William Carruthers ; [D] (Re)conceiving Sovereignty and Statehood ; A "Commonwealth Moment" in South Asian Decolonization / Daniel Haines ; Sovereignty in the Congo Crisis / Ryan M. Irwin ; Malcolm X in France, 1964-1965 : Anti-Imperialism and the Politics of Travel Control in the Cold War Era / Moshik Temkin ; From Foreign Concessions to Special Economic Zones : Decolonization and Foreign Investment in Twentieth-Century Asia / Christopher Miller ; [E] Defending the State : Intelligence and Violence ; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Subversive : India, Pakistan and the Politics of Cold War Intelligence / Paul M. McGarr ; British Colonial Violence in the Era of the Cold War / Caroline Elkins
"The Cold War and decolonization transformed the twentieth century world. This volume brings together an international line-up of experts to explore how these transformations took place and expand on some of the latest threads of analysis to help inform our understanding of the links between the two phenomena. The book begins by exploring ideas of modernity, development, and economics as Cold War and postcolonial projects and goes on to look at the era's intellectual history and investigate how emerging forms of identity fought for supremacy. Finally, the contributors question ideas of sovereignty and state control that move beyond traditional Cold War narratives. Decolonization and the Cold War emphasizes new approaches by drawing on various methodologies, regions, themes, and interdisciplinary work, to shed new light on two topics that are increasingly important to historians of the twentieth century"--
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