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Globalization revisited
Éditeur Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Année 2015, cop. 2015
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Globalization revisited
1 vol. (XIII-222 p.) ; 23 cm
Bibliogr. p. [193]-213. Index
Classification Dewey
Chapter 1. Introduction: What is at Stake in Revisiting Globalization? ; Chapter 2. The Fate of Territorial Engineering in an Era of ‘Durable Disorder’: Mechanisms of Territorial Power and Post-Liberal Forms of International Governance ; Chapter 3. Exploring Sameness and Difference: Fundamentalisms and the Future of Globalization ; Chapter 4: Globalization, Finance and the ‘Crisis’: A Critical Assessment ; Chapter 5. The Global Regulatory Consequences of an Irrational Crisis: Examining ‘Animal Spirits’ and ‘Excessive Exuberances’ as features of the Financial System ; Chapter 6. Sources of Financial Sociability: Networks, Ecological Systems or Diligent Risk Preparedness ; Chapter 7. From Artisan to Partisan: What Would it Mean to be an Artisan of Finance? ; Chapter 8. Creating Credit and Rating it: Central Banks in Post Crisis Global Finance
Written by one of the leading scholars of global politics, Globalization Revisited is a major new book for students of globalization. It describes and explains the challenges to liberalism and the global order as result of globalizing forces - from financial interconnectedness to the growth of religious fundamentalisms. The text: provides a detailed analysis of the economic and financial aspects of globalization; examines the changes to global power and governance created by globalization including its effect on the sovereignty of the nation state; discusses recent trends such as the increased use of networks and social media; assesses the rise of globalizing fundamentalism; analyzes the challenges to globalization posed by contemporary events such as the global financial crisis. This book will be essential reading for all students of globalization, and will be of great interest to students of global politics and global governance (Quatrième de couverture).
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