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The Oxford handbook of health economics
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2012
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The Oxford handbook of health economics cop. 2011
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1. Introduction : Peter Smith and Sherry Glied ; The Organization of Health Care Systems ; 2: Bianca K. Frogner, Peter S. Hussey, and Gerard F. Anderson: Health Systems in Industrialized Countries ; 3: Anne Mills: Health Systems in Low and Middle Income Countries ; 4: Carolyn Tuohy and Sherry Glied: The Political Economy of Health Care ; 5: William Jack: The Promise of Health: Evidence of the Impact of Health on Income and Well-Being ; Determinants of Health ; 6: Kristian Bolin: Health Production ; 7: David M. Cutler, Adriana Lleras-Muney, and Tom Vogl: Socioeconomic Status and Health: Dimensions and Mechanisms ; 8: Michael Baker and Mark Stabile: Determinants of Health in Childhood ; 9: Ramanan Laxminarayan and Anup Malani: Economics of Infectious Diseases ; 10: Donald S. Kenkel and Jody Sindelar: Economics of Health Behaviours and Addictions: Contemporary Issues and Policy Implications ; 11: Richard G. Frank: Economic and Mental Health: An International Perspective ; Institutions of Health Care Finance ; 12: Åke Blomqvist: Public Sector Health Care Financing ; 13: Peter Zweifel: Voluntary Private Health Insurance ; 14: Michael E. Chernew and Dustin May: Health Care Cost Growth ; 15: Erik Schokkaert and Carine Van de Voorde: User Charges ; Economic Problems of Health Care Finance ; 16: Mark V. Pauly: Insurance and the Demand for Medical Care ; 17: Wynand P.M.M. van de Ven and Frederik T. Schut: Guaranteed Access to Affordable Coverage in Individual Health Insurance Markets ; 18: Laurence Baker: Managed Care ; The Institutions of Health Care Supply ; 19: Pedro Pita Barros and Pau Olivella: Hospitals: Teaming Up ; 20: Anthony Scott and Stephen Jan: Primary Care ; 21: Till Bärnighausen and David E. Bloom: The Global Health Workforce ; 22: Patricia M. Danzon: The Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry ; 23: Jane Hall: Disease Prevention, Health Care and Economics ; 24: Jose-Luis Fernandez, Julien Forder and Martin Knapp: Long-Term Care ; Economic Problems of Health Care Supply ; 25: Thomas G. McGuire: Physician Agency and Payment for Primary Medical Care ; 26: Jon B. Christianson and Douglas Conrad: Provider Payment and Incentives ; 27: Tor Iversen and Luigi Siciliani: Non-Price Rationing and Waiting Times ; 28: Carol Propper and George Leckie: Increasing Competition between Providers in Health Care Markets: The Economic Evidence ; Assessing Performance ; 29: Jim Burgess and Andrew Street: Measuring Organisational Performance ; 30: Jack E. Triplett: Health System Productivity ; 31: Simon Walker, Mark Sculpher and Mike Drummond: The Methods of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Inform Decisions about the Use of Health Care Interventions and Programmes ; 32: Susan Griffin and Karl Claxton: Analysing Uncertainty in Cost-effectiveness for Decision Making ; 33: Donna Rowen and John Brazier: Health Utility Measurement ; Economic Perspectives on Fairness ; 34: Jan Abel Olsen: Concepts of Equity and Fairness in Health and Health Care ; 35: Eddy van Doorslaer and Tom Van Ourti: Measuring Inequality and Inequity in Health and Health Care ; 36: Louise Sheiner: Intergenerational Aspects of Health Care ; Economic Methodology and Health Policy ; 37: Andrew M. Jones and Nigel Rice: Econometric Evaluation of Health Policies ; 38: Alan K. Maynard and Karen Bloor: Health Economics and Policy: The Challenges of Proselytising ; Index
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