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Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process
Éditeur University of Wisconsin Press
Année cop. 2013
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Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process
1 vol. (xii-309 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
941.608 24
Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process: an introduction / Timothy J. White ; "Look at Northern Ireland": lessons best learned at home / William A. Hazleton ; Peace from the people: identity salience and the Northern Irish peace process / Landon E. Hancock ; Ulster-Scots diaspora: articulating a politics of identification after "the peace" in Northern Ireland / Wendy Ann Wiedenhoft Murphy and Mindy Peden ; The victory and defeat of the IRA? Neoconservative interpretations of the Northern Ireland peace process / Paul Dixon ; The transformation of policing in postconflict societies: lessons from the Northern Ireland experience / John Doyle ; The lessons of third-party intervention? The curious case of the United States in Northern Ireland / Mary-Alice C. Clancy ; Peacebuilding, community development, and reconciliation in Northern Ireland: the role of the Belfast Agreement and the implications for external economic aid / Olga Skarlato, Eyob Fissuh, Sean Byrne ; Extending peace to the grassroots: the need for reconciliation in Northern Ireland after the agreement / Timothy J. White, Andrew P. Owsiak, and Meghan E. Clarke ; Sources of peace: the decline of revolutionary nationalism and the beginning of the peace processes in Northern Ireland and the Middle East / Robert S. Snyder ; Conclusion / Timothy J. White
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