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Routledge handbook of ethics and war : just war theory in the twenty-first century
Éditeur Routledge
Année cop. 2013
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Routledge handbook of ethics and war : just war theory in the twenty-first century
1 vol. (XIV-418 p.) : couv. ill. en coul. ; 26 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction: Not Just Wars: Expansions and Alternatives to the Just War Tradition / Fritz Allhoff, Nicholas G. Evans and Adam Henschke ; Part I: Theories of War: Revisiting the Just War Tradition Jus Ad Bellum ; 1. Can Soldiers be Expected to Know Whether Their War is Just? / Jeff McMahan ; 2.Is Just War Theory Obsolete? / Jeff Whitman ; 3. Just War Theory: Going to War and Collective Self-Deception Richard Werner Jus In Bello ; 4. The Moral Foundations of the Jus Ad Bellum/Jus In Bello Distinction Steve Viner ; 5.Jus Ad Vim and the Just Use of Lethal Force-Short-Of-War S. Brandt Ford ; 6. Revisionist Just War Theory and the Real World: A Cautiously Optimistic Proposal Bradley Jay Strawser Jus Post Bellum ; 7.The Place of Jus Post Bellum in Just War Considerations Emily Pollard ; 8. Jus Post Bellum: War Closure in the 21st Century Richard M. O’Meara ; 9.Reasonable Chance of Success: Analyzing the Postwar Requirements of Jus Ad Bellum Todd Burkhardt ; 10. Post-War Policy: Lessons for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beyond Brian Orend ; Part II: Faces of War: Beyond States and Soldiers Irregular Wars ; 11. Soft Power and Jus In Bello: What Tactics are Effective and Necessary? Michael Gross ; 12.Rethinking Legitimate Authority: Who Meets the Criteria? Anne Schwenkenbecker ; 13.Fighting the Humanitarian War: Justifications and Limitations Jennifer Ang ; 14.Peacekeeper Violence: Managing the Use of Force Daniel Levine Terrorism and Counterterrorism ; 15. The War on Terror and the Ethics of Exceptionalism Fritz Allhoff ; 16. Just War Theory and Counterterrorism Seumas Miller ; 17.Punitive Warfare, Counterterrorism, and Jus Ad Bellum Shawn Kaplan Warfighters and Moral Agency ; 18. Re-evaluating the Moral Status of Civilians in Just War Theory and Terrorism Jason P. Blahuta ; 19.Endangering Soldiers and the Problem of Private Military Contractors Ned Dobos ; 20. The Agency of Child Soldiers: Rethinking the Principle of Discrimination Tor Arne Berntsen and Bård Mæland ; Part III: Technologies of War: The Future of Fighting Technology and Just War Theory ; 21. Emerging Technologies and Just War Theory Braden Allenby ; 22. Minimizing Harm to Combatants: Nonlethal Weapons, Combatants’ Rights, and State Responsibility Christopher Mayer ; 23. Educational Implications of the Potential for Hostile Applications of Advances in Neuroscience Malcolm Dando Uninhabited and Autonomous Military Systems ; 24. Unmanned Drones and the Ethics of War Christian Enemark ; 25. Autonomous Robots and the Future of Just War Theory Keith Abney ; 26.Killing in War: Responsibility, Liability, and Lethal Autonomous Robots Heather M. Roff Cyberwarfare ; 27. Jus in Silico: Moral Restrictions on the Use of Cyberwarfare George Lucas ; 28. Understanding Just Cause in Cyberwarfare Leonard Kahn ; 29. Friend or Foe? Perfidy in Cyberwarfare Neil Rowe
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