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The Cambridge companion to American Islam
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année 2013, cop. 2013
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The Cambridge companion to American Islam
1 vol. (XX-371 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
297.097 3
American Islam, Muslim Americans, and the American experiment / Juliane Hammer and Omid Safi ; The study of American Muslims: a history / Edward E. Curtis IV ; African Muslim slaves and Islam in antebellum America / Richard Brent Turner ; Laying the groundwork for American Muslim histories: 1865-1965 / Sally Howell ; American Muslims in the contemporary world: 1965 to the present / Zain Abdullah ; Converts and conversions / Michael Muhammad Knight ; Demographics, political participation, and representation / Amaney Jamal and Liali Albana ; American Muslims and the media / Nabil Echchaibi ; Muslims in the American legal system / Kathleen M. Moore ; Religious pluralism, secularism, and interfaith / Rosemary R. Hicks ; Organizing communities: institutions, networks, groups / Karen Leonard ; Negotiating boundaries: American sufis / Gisela Webb ; Religious normativity and praxis among American Muslims / Kambiz Ghaneabassiri ; Muslim spaces and mosque architecture / Akel Ismail Kahera ; Islamic education in the United States: debates, practices, and institutions / Zareena Grewal and R. David Coolidge ; Muslim public intellectuals and global muslim thought / Timur Yuskaev ; Cultural and literary production of Muslim America / Sylvia Chan-Malik ; Muslim youth cultures / Su'ad Abdul Khabeer and Maytha Alhassen ; Sexual identity, marriage, and family / Debra Majeed ; Studying American Muslim women: between feminism, activism, and secular society / Juliane Hammer
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