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Interpretive approaches to global climate governance : (de)constructing the greenhouse
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2013, cop. 2013
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Interpretive approaches to global climate governance : (de)constructing the greenhouse
1 vol. (XIII-264 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
1. Introduction: How and why to deconstruct the greenhouse / Chris Methmann, Delf Rothe and Benjamin Stephan ; 2. Discursive Interplay and Co-constitution: Carbonification of Environmental Discourses / Ayşem Mert ; Part I: The Economization of Climate Change ; 3. Climate Politics as Investment: Understanding Discourse through Governmental Practice / Simon Wolf ; 4. How to Trade ‘Not Cutting Down Trees’: A Governmentality Perspective on the Commodification of Avoided Deforestation / Benjamin Stephan ; 5. Interpretive Openness and Climate Action in an Age of Market Environmentalism / Larry Lohmann ; Part II: The Securitization of Climate Change ; 6. Climate Chains: Neo-Malthusianism, Militarism and Migration / Betsy Hartmann ; 7. Apocalypse Now (And Then)! From Exceptional Rhetorics to Risk Management in Global Climate Politics / Chris Methmann and Delf Rothe ; 8. (In)Convenient Convergences: ‘Climate Refugees’, apocalyptic discourses and the depoliticization of climate induced migration / Giovanni Bettini ; Part III: The Technocratization of Climate Change ; 9. My Space: Governing Individuals’ Carbon Emissions / Matthew Paterson and Johannes Stripple ; 10. Governing Knowledge Through START and the Expansion of Global Environmental Change Research / Ola Uhrqvist ; 11. Climate Engineering: Spectacle, Tragedy or Solution? A Content Analysis of News Media Framing / Holly Jean Buck ; Part IV: Between De- and Repoliticisation ; 12. White Ponchos Dripping Away? Glacier Narratives in Bolivian Climate Change Discourse / Anna Kaijser ; 13. ‘Climate Justice’, ‘Green Economy’ or ‘a one planet lifestyle’ –Hegemonic Narratives in Transnational NGOs and Social Movements / Philip T. Bedall ; 14. Building Legitimacy: Consensus and Conflict over Historic Responsibility for Climate Change / Mathias Friman ; 15. Democratizing the Global Climate Regime / John S. Dryzek and Hayley Stevenson ; 16. Reflections / Chris Methmann, Delf Rothe and Benjamin Stephan
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