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Documenting individual identity : the development of State practices in the modern world
Éditeur Princeton University Press
Année cop. 2001
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Documenting individual identity : the development of State practices in the modern world
1 vol. (VIII-415 p.) : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
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Documenting individual identity the development of State practices in the modern world 2001
Bibliogr. p. [359]-396. Notes bibliogr. Index
PART ONE: CREATING APPARATUSES OF IDENTIFICATION 13 ; 1. Describing the Person, Reading the Signs in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Identity Papers, Veste Figures, and the Limits of Identification, 1400-1600 by Valentin Groebner 15 ; 2. The Identification of the Citizen: The Birth of Republican Civil Status in France by Gerard Noiriel 28 ; 3. "This or That Particular Person": Protocols of Identification in Nineteenth-Century Europe by Jane Caplan 49 ; 4. Making Social Groups, One Person at a Time: The Identification of Individuals by Estate, Religious Confession, an Ethnicity in Late Imperial Russia by Charles Steinwedel 67 ; 5. Colonizing the Subject: The Genealogy an Legacy of the Soviet Internal Passport by Marc Garcelon 83 ; 6. Modern Horrors: British Identity and Identity Cards by Jon Agar 101 ; PART TWO:IDENTIFICATION RACTICES AND POLICING 121 ; 7. Republican Identity: Bertillonage as Government Technique by Martine Kaluszynski 123 ; 8. The Standardize Gaze: The Standardization of the Search Warrant in Nineteenth-Century Germany by Peter Becker 139 ; 9.Anthropometry, the Police Expert, an the Deptford Murders: The Contested Introduction of Fingerprinting for the Identification of Criminals in Late Victorian an Edwardian Britain by Anne M. Joseph 164 ; 10. Fingerprinting an the Argentine lan for Universal Identification in the Late Nineteenth an Early Twentieth Centuries by Kristin Ruggiero 184 ; PART THREE: IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL OF MOVEMENT 197 ; 11. Domenica Saba Takes to the Road: Origins an Development of a Modern Passport System in Lombardy-Veneto by Andrea Geselle 199 ; 12. Governments and Forgers: Passports in Nineteenth-Century Europe by Andreas Fahrmeir 218 ; 13. A Many-Headed Monster: The Evolution of the Passport System in the Netherlands an Germany in the Long Nineteenth Century by Leo Lucassen 235 ; 14. The Great War an the Birth of the Modern Passport System by John Torpey 256 ; PART FOUR: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN IDENTIFICATION 271 ; 15. DNA-Typing: Galton's Eugenic Dream Realized? by Pamela Sankar 273 ; 16. Under My Skin: From Identification Papers to Body Surveillance by David Lyon 291 ; 17. Identity an Anonymity: Some Conceptual Distinctions and Issues for Research by Gary T. Marx 311 ; 18. Identifiying Unauthorize Foreign Workers in the German Labor Market by Dita Vogel 328 ; 19. Identity Cards, Ethnic Self-Perception, and Genocide in Rwanda by Timothy Longman 345
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