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Codification of European copyright law : challenges and perspectives
Éditeur Wolters Kluwer
Année cop. 2012
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Codification of European copyright law : challenges and perspectives
1 vol. (x-395 p.) ; 25 cm
Ouvrage regroupant des articles issus des interventions lors d'une conférence internationale tenue à Nicosie (Chypre) en avril 2011
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Classification Dewey
The legal foundations of European copyright law / Theodore Georgopoulos ; The European legislator's strategy in the field of copyright harmonization / Frank Gotzen ; The plurality of legal systems in copyright law : an obstacle to a European codification? / Philippe Jougleux ; CJEU policy and practice in the field of European copyright law / Dionysia Kallinikou ; The foundations of the concept of work in European copyright law / Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou ; The acquis communautaire in the area of copyright and related rights : economic rights / Agnés Lucas Schloetter ; Defining the scope of protection of copyright in the EU : the need to reconsider the acquis regarding limitations and exceptions / Christophe Geiger and Franciska Schönherr ; Duration of copyright and related rights / Heiki Pisuke ; Enforcement of IPRs / Pilar Cámara Águila ; Authorship and ownership : authors, entrepreneurs and rights / Antoon Quaedvlieg ; Moral rights / Ioannis Kikkis ; Copyright contracts / Silke von Lewinski ; An essential brick in the building of European copyright : regulation of copyright transactions / Jacques de Werra ; The legal struggle in the EU against online piracy / Ioannis Iglezakis ; Interoperability and European copyright law codification / Carine Bernault ; The perspective of the introduction of a European fair use clause / Paul L.C. Torremans ; The Wittem Group's European copyright code / P. Bernt Hugenholtz ; Reflections on a European copyright codification / Reto Hilty ; European copyright codification / André Lucas
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