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Pathways to peace : America and the Arab-Israeli conflict
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Pathways to peace : America and the Arab-Israeli conflict
1 vol. (xviii-237 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Machine generated contents note: ; Foreword; J.A.Baker III & S.Berger ; Introduction; D.C.Kurtzer ; PART I: THE REGIONAL DIMENSION ; Israeli-Palestinian Peace Prospects in Regional Context; W.B.Quandt ; The Arab Peace Initiative; M.Muasher ; PART II: THE ISRAELI AND PALESTINIAN DIMENSIONS ; Israel's Strategic Dilemmas: Don't Wait for the Dust to Settle; Act Now; A.Gil ; Palestine as a Partner in Peace; S.A.Abid & S.Hulileh ; Israel and the US Role; Y.Alpher ; Constrained and Now Corrosive: How Palestinians View the U.S. Role; G.Khatib ; The Other Negotiator: The Israeli Public at the Peace Table; G.Gorenberg ; The Peace Process and the Palestinian National Movement; R.Malley ; PART III: THE UNITED STATES AND THE PEACE PROCESS ; Memorandum to the President: Thinking through an Israel-Palestinian Initiative; A.D.Miller ; Integrating the Top-Down with the Bottom-Up Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Peace; R.M.Danin ; The Security Conundrum; P.J.Dermer & S.White ; American Policy, Strategy, and Tactics; D.C.Kurtzer
"Upheavals in the Middle East are challenging long held assumptions about politics and governance. The United States faces a moment of truth when half-measures, short-sighted expedients, and delays can no longer sustain an untenable status quo. This is as true in the Arab-Israeli peace process as it is in the politics of the Arab uprisings. This volume of essays argues that it is time for the United States to make a serious effort to advance Palestinian-Israeli peace. The issues in dispute are well-known, thoroughly debated, and resolvable. Intense, smart, determined, creative, and sustained American leadership can help regional leaders bridge their differences. "Now, nearly two decades after Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn, Pathways to Peace offers a forward-looking assessment of the relationship between Israel, Palestine, and the United States. Through its diverse perspectives, this volume reminds us that cooperation must be rooted in shared responsibilities and shared benefits, and that the peace of the brave is still within reach." - President Bill Clinton "This is absolutely the right time for a book of essays that reinforce the urgent necessity of lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This book is the antidote to the fatalism and pessimism; and above all it shows that with will and courage, a solution could be found. These are serious practical essays in policy making. You can agree or disagree with all that is written. But the essential urgency of the case is undeniable and brilliantly set out here. " - Tony Blair "Pathways to Peace is an extraordinary expression of wisdom on the urgent need for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Europeans, as well as Israelis, Palestinians and Americans, would be well-advised to act on the smart policy recommendations in this book. Imagine the impact on a rapidly changing Middle East of Israeli-Palestinian peace!" - Javier Solana, President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics"--
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