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International politics : classic and contemporary readings
Éditeur Sage CQ Press
Année cop. 2013
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International politics : classic and contemporary readings
1 vol. (XIII-548 p.) : carte ; 26 cm
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Classification Dewey
Part I. Theoretical traditions in international relations. Introduction. "What is international politics?" / Joseph S. Nye ; "Good writing in political science : an undergraduate student's short illustrated primer Vv.1.01" / Henry Farrell ; Social scientific and theoretical analysis. "The elements of social scientific thinking" / Kenneth R. Hoover and Todd Donovan ; "Man, the state, and war : a theoretical analysis" / Kenneth N. Waltz ; Realism I. "Of the natural condition of mankind as concerning their felicity and misery" / Thomas Hobbes ; The prince / Nicolo Machiavelli ; "A realist theory of international politics" / Hans Morgenthau ; "The Peloponnesian War" / Joseph S. Nye ; Realism II. "The origins of war in neorealist theory" / Kenneth N. Waltz ; "Anarchy and the struggle for power" / John Mearsheimer ; "Why the world needs America" / Robert Kagan ; Liberalism I. "Of the state of nature, of the state of war, and of the ends of political society and government" / John Locke ; "Perpetual peace : a philosophical sketch" / Immanuel Kant ; "Kant, liberal legacies, and foreign affairs" / Michael W. Doyle ; Liberalism II. "Liberalism revived" / Joseph S. Nye ; "The worlds of international relations : the military-political world, the trading world" / Richard Rosencrance ; "Economic interdependence and war : a theory of trade expectations" / Dale C. Copeland ; "Harmony, cooperation, and discord" / Robert O. Keohane ; "Fourteen points" / Woodrow Wilson ; Constructivism I. "The promise of constructivism in international relations theory" / Ted Hopf ; "International norm dynamics and political change" / Martha Finnemore and Kathryn Sikkink ; "Stigmatizing the bomb : origins of the nuclear taboo" / Nina Tannenwald ; Constructivism II. "Dealing with difference : problems and possibilities for dialogue in international relations" / J. Ann tickner ; "The violence of illusion" / Amartya Sen ; Decision-making models. "Conceptual models and the Cuban missile crisis" / Graham T. Allison ; Ethical traditions in international relations. "The Melian dialogue" / Thucydides ; "Normative ethics" / James Fieser ; "Ethical questions and international politics" / Joseph S. Nye ; Part II. War and peace. The security dilemma. "Cooperation under the security dilemma" / Robert Jervis ; "Exploding the powder keg myth : preemptive wars almost never happen" / Dan Reiter ; "Preventive war and democratic politics" / Jack S. Levy ; Balance of power. "The balance of power" / Hans Morgenthau ; "Alliance formation and the balance of world power" / Stephen M. Walt ; "Soft balancing against the United States" / Robert A. Pape ; Deterrence. "The diplomacy of violence" / Thomas C. Schelling ; "A nuclear-armed Iran : a difficult but not impossible policy problem" / Barry R. Posen ; "Containment breach" / Robert J. Lieber and Amatzia Baram ; Bargaining and war. "Exploring the bargaining model of war" / Dan Reiter ; "Afghan peace talks : a primer" / James Shinn and James Dobbins ; "It's time for America to negotiate with the Taliban" / David Rohde ; Theories of democracy and war. "The fact of the democratic peace" / Bruce Russett ; "Democratization and war" / Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder ; "Polities and peace" / Henry S. Farber and Joanne Gowa ; Civil conflict. "Who fights? The determinants of participation in civil war" / Macartan Humphreys and Jeremy M. Weinstein ; Committing to peace / Barbara F. Walter ; "Give war a chance" / Edward N. Luttwak ; Terrorism. "The four waves of rebel terror and September 11" / David C. Rapoport ; "The causes of terrorism" / Martha Crenshaw ; "The strategies of terrorism" / Andrew H. Kydd and Barbara F. Walter ; The ethics of war. "War and massacre" / Thomas Nagel ; "The moral duties of statesmen" / John Rawls ; "Morality, reduced to arithmetic" / Jim Holt ; Part III. International political economy. Introduction to international political economy. "International politics and international economics" / Jeffrey Frieden, David Lake, and Lawrence Broz ; International trade. "What do undergrads need to know about trade?" / Paul R. Krugman ; "International trade" / Arvind Panagariya ; "Trading in illusions" / Dani Rodrik ; "The free-trade paradox : why is trade booming while trade talks are crashing?" / Moisés Naím ; Hegemony and trade. "State power and the structure of international trade" / Stephen D. Krasner ; "Hegemony in the world political economy" / Robert O. Keohane ; "Dependency theory" / Andres Velasco ; Domestic politics and trade. "Diplomacy and domestic politics : the logic of two-level games" / Robert D. Putnam ; "Why changing exposure to trade should affect political cleavages" / Ronald Rogowski ; "Votes and vetoes : the political determinants of commercial openness" / Witold J. Henisz and Edward D. Mansfield ; International monetary affairs. "The legalization of international monetary affairs" / Beth A. Simmons ; "The trilemma of international finance" / N. Gregory Mankiw ; "Europe after the crisis : how to sustain a common currency" / Andrew Moravcsik ; Ethics and international political economy. "Minimal ethical and legal absolutes in foreign trade" / Robert W. McGee ; "Does globalization have an ethical problem?" / Ethan B. Kapstein ; "Two cheers for sweatshops" / Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn ; Part IV. Emerging issues in international relations. Poverty and inequality. "The vicious cycle of inequality in Latin America" / Terry Lynn Karl ; "What's the issue? and On missing the boat : the marginalization of the bottom billion in the world economy" / Paul Collier ; "The political roots of poverty : the economic logic of autocracy" / Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Hilton L. Root ; State-building. "State building and nation building" / Paul Collier ; "Violence and the rise of open-access orders" / Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis, and Barry R. Weingast ; "Nation-building and the failure of institutional memory" / Francis Fukuyama ; Failed states. "Why Africa's weak states persist : the empirical and the juridical in statehood" / Robert H. Jackson and Carl G. Rosberg ; "State death in the international system" / Tanisha M. Fazal ; "Addressing state failure" / Stephen D. Krasner and Carlos Pascual ; Foreign aid. "The development challenge" / Jeffrey D. Sachs ; "The utopian nightmare" / William Easterly ; "Bush and foreign aid" / Steven Radelet ; International law. "The concept of legalization" / Kenneth W. Abbott, Robert O. Keohane, Andrew Moravcsik, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Duncan Snidal ; "International law : the trials of global norms" / Steven R. Ratner ; "The limits of idealism" / Jack Goldsmith and Stephen D. Krasner ; The environment and climate change. "Let them eat pollution" / The Economist ; "Pollution and the poor" / The Economist ; "The interest-based explanation of international environmental policy" / Detlef Sprinz and Tapani Vaahtoranta ; "What to do about climate change?" / Ruth Greenspan Bell ; A new international order? "The end of history?" / Francis Fukuyama ; "Jihad vs. McWorld" / Benjamin R. Barber ; "The clash of civilizations?" / Samuel P. Huntington ; Ethics and development assistance. "Famine, affluence, and morality" / Peter Singer ; "Lifeboat ethics : the case against helping the poor" / Garrett Hardin
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