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Corporate finance law in the UK and EU
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année cop. 2011
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Corporate finance law in the UK and EU
1 vol. (LIII-550 p.) ; 26 cm
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Autre tirage : 2012
The prohibition against financial assistance : constructing a rational response ; The decline of legal capital : an exploration of the consequences of board solvency-based capital reductions ; Schemes of arrangement ; Insider dealing after the market abuse directive ; Short-sales regulation in seasoned equity offerings : what are the issues? ; Initial public offers : the supply and demand side perspectives in the legal framework ; The future role of credit rating agencies in contemporary financial markets : a theoretical perspective ; Contractual aspects of debt financing ; Security ; Set-off, netting, and alternatives to security ; Policy issues and reform in debt finance : the reform of the English law of secured transactions in personal property ; Practitioner's perspective : the financial collateral directive in England ; The assymetrical treatment of debt and equity finance under UK tax law ; The EU financial services action plan and its impact on corporate finance ; How does corporate mobility affect lawmaking? A comparative analysis ; Is Volkswagen the new Centros? Free movement of capital's impact on company law ; Equivalence-based regulation and EU prospectus law : the shadow regime ; Legal capital and the EU treaties
Exploring the legal considerations related to corporate finance law from a UK and EU perspective, this book covers core features such as the importance of transparency, disclosure and accountability of directors
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