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The Oxford handbook of entrepreneurial finance
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année cop. 2012
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The Oxford handbook of entrepreneurial finance
1 vol. (XVIII-918 p.) : tabl. ; 26 cm
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The Oxford handbook of entrepreneurial finance 2012
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pt. I Financing New Industries And The Returns And Risk to Entrepreneurship ; 1.Finance of New Industries / April Shen ; 2.The Returns to Entrepreneurship / Thomas Astebro ; 3.Risk Attitudes and Private Business Equity / Frank Fossen ; 4.New Firm Financing and Performance / Sheryl Winston Smith ; pt. II Entrepreneurial Capital Structure ; 5.New Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Capital Structure / David Robinson ; 6.The Capital Structure of Family Firms / Haoyong Zhou ; 7.Influence of Internal Factors on the Use of Equity- and Mezzanine Based Financing in Family Firms / Stephanie Schraml ; pt. III Funding: Planning, Credit Markets, and Gaps ; 8.Planning for Entrepreneurial Finance and Capital: A Critical Review of the Importance of Teaching Business Planning / Benson Honig ; 9.Funding Gaps / Robert Cressy ; 10.Availability of Credit to Small Firms Young and Old: Evidence from the Surveys of Small Business Finances / Rebel Cole ; 11.Asymmetric Information, Credit Market Condition, and Entrepreneurial Finance / Song Zhang ; pt. IV Alternative Types of Entrepreneurial finance ; 12.Crowdfunding of Entrepreneurial Ventures / Benjamin Larralde ; 13.Angel Investors and Their Investments / Ramon P. DeGennaro ; 14.Firm Growth, Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital / Michael Peneder ; 15.Why Do Firms Go Public? / James C. Brau ; 16.Valuation of IPOs / Srinivasan Rangan ; 17.Trade Credit and Its Role in Entrepreneurial Finance / Emilia Garcia-Appendini ; 18.Factoring and Invoice Financing / Khaled Soufani ; 19.Project Finance / Alessandro Steffanoni ; 20.Hedge Fund Asset Based Lending / Houman B. Shadab ; pt. V Public Policy ; 21.Business Taxation, Corporate Finance, and Economic Performance / Evelyn Ribi ; 22.Financing Capital among Minority Owned Businesses / Alicia Robb ; 23.Financing Women Owned Firms: A Review of Recent Literature / Alicia Robb ; pt. VI International Comparisons and Microfinance ; 24.International Differences in Entrepreneurial Finance / Inessa Love ; 25.Entrepreneurial Finance in Weak Institutional Environments / David Lingelbach ; 26.Microfinance for Entrepreneurs / Bilal Zia ; 27.The Past and Future of Innovations in Microfinance / R. Øystein Strøm
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