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The SAGE handbook of digital dissertations and theses
Éditeur SAGE
Année 2012
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The SAGE handbook of digital dissertations and theses
1 vol. (XVIII-530 p.) ; 25 cm
Autre support
The SAGE handbook of digital dissertations and theses 2018
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
The Thesis: Texts and Machines ; New Forms of Dissertation ; The Role of Doctoral and Graduate Schools ; Digital Literacies for the Research Institution ; Media Systems, Multimodality and Posthumanism ; Reframing the Performing Arts ; Complexity Theory ; Re-imagining the Conditions of Possibility of a PhD Thesis ; Traditional Theses and Multimodal Communication ; Ethics and Representation ; Copyright Managment Approaches ; Understanding Identity Representations in Multimodal Research ; The Social Life of Digital Texts in Multimodal Research ; Researching in Conditions of Provisionality: Reflecting on the PhD in the Digital and Multimodal Era ; Practice-as-Research in Music Performance ; Translating Lydia Cabrera: A Case Study in Digital (re)presentation ; Disciplinary 'Specificity' and the Digital Submission ; Digits and Figures: A Manual Drawing Practice and its Modes of Reproduction ; The Research Catalogue: A Model for Dissertations and Theses ; The Changing Role of Library and Information Services ; Animating the Archive ; Establishing the Cybertextual in Practice-Based PhDs ; A Modern PhD: Doctoral Education in Australian Universities in Digital Times ; How Changes in Representation Can Affect Meaning ; Researching Adolescents' Literacies Multimodally ; Implication for Research Training and Examination for Design PhDs ; UNCAGED Boxed-up
"This handbook sets out the processes and products of 'digital' research. It is a theoretical and practical guide on how to undertake and navigate advanced research in the arts, humanities and social sciences."--Cover, p. [4]
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