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Perspectives on commercializing innovation
Éditeur Cambridge University Press
Année cop. 2012
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Perspectives on commercializing innovation
1 vol. (xvi-580 p.) ; 24 cm
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346.730 48
Introduction / F. Scott Kieff kand Troy A. Paredes ; Part I : Perspectives on theories of intellectual property ; Intellectual Property and the theory of the firm / Daniel F. Spulber ; A transactional view of property rights / Robert P. Merges ; The modularity of patent law / Henry E. Smith ; Forging a new environmental and resource economics paradigm : the contractual bases for exchange / Terry L. Anderson and Gary D. Libecap ; Privatizing the Public Domain / Michael B. Abramowicz ; Part II : Perspectives on the problems of anticommons and patent thickets ; Engineering a deal : toward a private ordering solution to the anticommons problem / F. Scott Kieff and Troy A. Paredes ; Understanding the RAND commitment / Douglas Lichtman ; Embryonic inventions and embryonic patents : prospects, prophecies, and pedis possessio / John F. Duffy ; Innovation and its discontents / Adam B. Jaffe and Josh Lerner ; Part III : Perspectives on finance and commercialization ; Patents as options / Shaun Martin and Frank Partnoy ; Access to finance and the technological innovation : a historical experiment / Stephen Haber ; The decline of the independent inventor : a Schumpeterian story? / Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Ken Sokoloff ; Part IV : Perspectives on the university innovation ; University software ownership and litigation : a first examination / Arti K. Rai, John R. Allison, and Bhaven Sampat ; The impact of the Bayh-Dole Act on Genetic Research and Development : evaluating the arguments and empirical research to date / Charles R. McManis and Sucheol Noh ; Patents, material transfers and access to research inputs in biomedical research / John P. Walsh, Charlene Cho, and Wesley M. Cohen ; Are universities the new patent trolls? / Mark Lemley ; Part V : Perspectives on international considerations ; Successful factors for commercializing the results of research and development in Emerging Economies : a preliminary study of ITRI in Taiwan / Paul C. B. Liu, Kuang-Wei Chueh, and Galland M. Y. Ger ; Commercializing university research : beyond economic incentives / E. Richard Gold and Tal Srulovicz
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