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Brands and branding geographies
Éditeur E. Elgar
Année cop. 2011
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Brands and branding geographies
1 vol. (XV-356 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
PART I. Introduction: conceptualising and theorising brands and branding geographies ; 1. Introduction: Brands and branding geographies ; 2. Of places and brands ; 3. Brands: Boundary method objects and media space ; PART II. Brands and branding geographies: goods, services and knowledges ; 4. Brands in the making: a life history approach ; 5. The making of place: consumers and place-affiliated brands ; 6. Sports equipment: mixing performance with brands--the role of the consumers ; 7. Consumer capitalism and brand fetishism: the case of fashion brands in Bulgaria ; 8. Sensing brands, branding scents: on perfume creation in the fragrance industry ; 9. Constructing brands from the outside? Brand channels, cyclical clusters and global circuits ; 10. The making and recontextualizing of 'competitiveness' as a knowledge brand across different sites and scales ; PART III. Brands and branding geographies--spaces and places ; 11. Branding Hoxton: cultural landscapes of post-industrial London ; 12. Branding provincial cities: the politics of inclusion, strategy and commitment ; 13. Design activism meets place-branding: reconfiguring urban representation and everyday practice ; 14. Place branding and cooperation: Can a network of places be a brand? ; 15. Branding a Roman frontier in the twenty-first century ; 16. Packaging political projects in geographical imaginaries: the rise of nation branding ; 17. Beyond the nation brand: the role of image and identity in international relations ; PART IV. Conclusions ; 18. Creativity, brands, finance and beyond: notes towards a theoretical perspective on city branding ; 19. Conclusions: brands and branding geographies
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