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The economics of climate change : adaptations past and present
Éditeur The University of Chicago Press
Année cop. 2011
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The economics of climate change : adaptations past and present
1 vol. (X-353 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Climate change: adaptations in historical perspective / Gary D. Libecap and Richard H. Steckel ; Additive damages, fat-tailed climate dynamics, and uncertain discounting / Martin L. Weitzman ; Modeling the impact of warming in climate change economics / Robert S. Pindyck ; Droughts, floods and financial distress in the United States / John Landon-Lane, Hugh Rockoff, and Richard H. Steckel ; The effects of weather shocks on crop prices in unfettered markets: the United States prior to the farm programs, 1895-1932 / Jonathan Fox, Price V. Fishback, and Paul W. Rhode ; Information and the impact of climate and weather on mortality rates during the Great Depression / Price V. Fishback, Werner Troesken, Trevor Kollmann, Michael Haines, Paul W. Rhode and Melissa Thomasson ; Responding to climatic challenges: lessons from U.S. agricultural development / Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode ; The impact of the 1936 corn-belt drought on american farmers' adoption of hybrid corn / Richard Sutch ; The evolution of heat tolerance of corn: implications for climate change / Michael J. Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker ; Climate variability and water infrastructure: historical experience in the western United States / Zeynep K. Hansen, Gary D. Libecap, and Scott E. Lowe ; Did Frederick Brodie discover the world's first environmental Kuznets Curve? Coal smoke and the rise and fall of the London fog / Karen Clay and Werner Troesken ; Impacts of climate change on residential electricity consumption: evidence from billing data / Anin Aroonruengsawat and Maximilian Auffhammer
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